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Mac Database Servers

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by cblackburn, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    I am writing an app for a customer and I need a relational database with SQL. My first thought was to use MySQL with mysql-cocoa to interface with it. This seems to be a non starter because I do not want to release the source code to my program.

    What other alternatives are there for (relatively) cheap database servers that run on Mac OS X that I can interface with via Cocoa?

    Thanks for your help

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    OpenBase is included with the Mac Developer Tools. The lastest version can be downloaded from the OpenBase SQL website.
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    InterBase/Firebird is a Borland product that went open source that's available for Mac OS X.

    Valentina is another database that's been available on Mac OS X for a while and it's an object-relational hybrid.
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    Just because your application uses MySQL doesn't mean you have to release the source for your application. You would only have to release source if you are modifying the MySQL source code - but who's crazy enough to do that.

    Some other alternatives not already mentioned include Apache Derby and PostgreSQL
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    The GPL states the following:-
    I called the MySQL headquarters in the U.S. and they told me that anything which in any way links to libmysql must be either GPL or licensed from them.

    The price that they quoted me was 429GBP per server the software connects to.

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    If you don't distribute MySQL, you are free to use it as you want.

    I am guessing you want to bundle MySQL with your app so this wouldn't apply.

    Of course if you call them, they will want you to buy a license. But if you don't want to hassle, just use something else. Worst case, you could just roll your own :eek:
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    This means that you can develop software that connects to MySQL and use it in house. However if you then distrobute your software you have to distrobute some form of libmysql. This counts as redistrobution and therefore requires a license.

    I suppose I could reimplement libmysql myself but I think it would be less painful to just pay the license fee :).


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