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Mac G3 keyboard problem

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by RavenTK, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. RavenTK, Oct 14, 2011
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2011

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    Hi everyone,

    Uncle give me a mac g3 to format etc...
    Ok,i've reinstalled on the Mac g3 the original OS (Mac OS 8.5 i think).
    It has a qwerty italian keyboard.
    The problem is that if i choose to use the italian layout,the keyboard
    work as a "qzerty",i've change the layout to english and now i've a "qwerty" keyboard but all special character such as "è [ : ; ) $ etc" are in the wrong position.
    Is there a way to have a "qwerty" keyboard with the italian layout?

    Thanks in advance.

    I don't know if it could be helpful but sometimes at boot it says "canno find software for "usb extended keyboard" or something similar.

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