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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by CaptainZap, Feb 4, 2007.

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    What language are Mac games written in? I know lots of Windows games are written in C#, so I thought I'd ask =]
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    I don't think many Windows games are written in C#. I think most are written in C++. Which is probably also the choice on the Mac.
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    Most with C or C++ using OpenGL and/or SDL most likely.

    Some have been made with Cocoa (and Quartz 2D) also.
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    Nobody uses C# for game programming, unless you're using Unity.

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    Umm, not true :p
    On Windows, there is XNA which uses C#
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    Oops, yeah, forgot about that...I was thinking about computer games though.

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    What are console games written in then?
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    Apart from a tiny number of very simple ones for the 360 that might have been written in C# and XNA. And even then all of the ones that might get ported to another console or use a cross platform engine are written in C++.
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    Also, major AAA commercial games have their own (in-house) managed code/scripting language (e.g. UnReal engine has UnRealScript, Quake has QuakeScript)
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    Alright, well maybe when I heard about C# I got console games and computer games switched around :p
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    Perhaps. Anything commercial is probably C++ not C# though.

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