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.mac games...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by AmigoMac, Aug 20, 2004.

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    New .mac offers... I'm downloading them...


    Just in time for summer vacation: two great games from Freeverse. .Mac members get a free download of WingNuts (a US$19.95 value), a zany arcade-style game involving a time-traveling airforce that takes you through 30 levels of play from World War I to the modern age and beyond. Plus you'll get a 25 percent discount on Airburst Extreme: the sequel to Game Hall of Fame member AirBurst, AirBurst Extreme mixes the paddles-and-balls theme of Pong and Breakout with fresh and fun new elements for an action-packed gaming experience. AirBurst Extreme is just US$22.46 for .Mac members.
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    Details are here.
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    That's not the .mac news I want to hear. When are we going to get more features and when are we going to have more space for mail and idisk!!!! :mad:
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    I agree with that but I also like getting free stuff. :rolleyes:
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    these are exactly the reasons why i haven't signed up yet. why pay for 100Mb of e-mail space when I can have a free gmail account with 1Gb?!
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    These free things are useless. I want my .Mac service to be upgraded and the bugs ironed out. Tons of bugs in the homepage builder.

    The iDisk is terribly slow to upload to and the space is very limited.

    For something I pay $100 for the service and features are pretty crappy. There's no apple quality other than the OS integration that can make it worth the premium cost.

    It needs speed and more space.

    The iDisk should also have the ability to be hosted on a home network server with Mac OS X Server or the regular version.
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    WingNuts is an excellent game.

    Shame I bought it last month after Ambrosia allowed electronic shipping of the game...
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    I like this game a lot. I dunno why iDisk upload is so slow. Apple needs to fix that. Also 100mb isn't a lot of space. I'd like maybe 150-200mb for $100 a year, I mean I can get way more space from other places. The real reason why I'm holding onto my .Mac is my e-mail and homepage.

    But I do enjoy the free-stuff, I love it. I'm fine with 100megs for now, but it's always nice to get more (without paying for more) Another 20megs would give me some room to breathe.
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    Dr. Dastardly

    For $100 I would want at least a gig in the iDisk and the email. Or just some large space for each to share, it would make things a hell of alot easier seeing that I wouldn't have to download an iDisk utility if I were working on a PC.

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