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Mac genius interview

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by meredyth, Apr 29, 2004.

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    I just finished my phone interview with apple-- they give a tough quiz. Anyone here a Mac Genius? What were your experiences during the interview process?
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    Just curious, but what kind of stuff do they ask you?
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    Hey, which store were you applying for?
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    Egad! Hard stuff like: when replacing the logic board in a powerbook pismo, what is the first internal component you need to remove and how do access a firmware command line from the terminal window.

    Not that I couldn't find out the info given a minute or two with a reference, but I was caught by suprise (and away from my desk) on the phone. I just don't carry that kind of info around in my head!
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    Sadly, not the one in London. Hired or no, I am going to visit the Flagship store in London during the holidays :)

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