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Mac Mini Car Interface?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by dansgil, Nov 8, 2005.

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    What Mac Mini car interfaces are there? Preferably freeware.


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    Front Row baby!
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    Oh, yeah, I never though of that! It would be perfect for the Mac mini!

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    OMFG, do a search man.


    there is NO front end software for OSX in a car.

    AND NO, FRONTROW is not the choice nor will it ever be for a car application. I wont go into why because that is almost common sense.

    make it yourself, or sit back and wait for CenterStage or Tatra
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    Wrong. There are a few and front row should work great with a touch screen.
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    no it wont, and no there arent. NAMES would be nice if you actually have some apps to show off.

    Front Row will never be as good as any other front end in the works.

    #1 - expandability, where is Front Row with GPS (the only real LEGAL reason to have a Carputer)? Or how about adding game emulation like SNES9x? Do I have to leave Front Row to use that?

    Thats stupid, a front end, is a front end, you shouldnt have to see the finder ever again.

    So again, Front Row is for home NOT car. Give me some valid reasons to change my mind (which is mostly based on fact and not preferences cuz I dont even have a front end yet) and I will think about giving Front Row another glance for carputer.
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    Have you tried front row? GPS, good luck finding even a good app in finder for that on a mac.
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    Well my point was that an apple product wont allow for 3rd party additions, something like CenterStage would.

    In the end, go for what is comfortable for you to use, but again IMO Front Row is a very crippled application for car use.
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    May not be perfect but its free (wink wink) and its better than finder.

    There is this:


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