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Mac Mini output to SCART

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by rodti, Oct 13, 2006.

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    Can anyone thing of a decent method of connecting a Mini to a TV using SCART? I'm currently using a PC with an ATI card and a VGA to SCART adaptor which gives pretty good quality. Don't want to go back to S-Video or Composite :(
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    Does the VGA --> SCART adapter not work with the mini for some reason?:confused:
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    The adapter needs Powerstrip to achieve the required custom timings needed to drive the TV from XP, and the general consensus on the net is that this only works with Radeon cards. I presume this solution won't work on an Intel GMA950 under OS X.:rolleyes:
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    It needs powerstrip under Windows - Mac OS X has the required EDID capabilites built-in, though you may need SwitchResX or DisplayConfigX to refine your settings. Give it a try, and see what happens.
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    mac mini intel gma 950 vga scart rgb

    hi there

    Did you ever suceeed in getting the vga-scart cable to work on the mac mini? I am also currently using an ati card but would like to use a mac mini as a media centre using rgb scart.

    I think that you will need a tiny, very simple circuit to get it to work:
    and a full size photo:

    which should just about fit inside the scart plug i reckon.

    The intel page for the GMA 950 page says that it handles interlaced resolutions. I emailed the author of the page above and he said he didnt know of anyone who had done it with an GMA 950, but there was no reason it wouldnt work.

    Has anyone actually succeeded in this??

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