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mac mini question

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by memoteran, Nov 9, 2006.

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    mac mini c2d any time soon?
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    I'm counting on it...nothing has been said for certain.
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    damm i want one , i need portability but i do not want to spend so much money on a laptop since im a pc user for the moment and if i dont like it , its so much easier to sell somehting cheaper
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    mad jew

    What are you using it for? The current mini may well suffice. :)
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    not before spring, maybe january, but probably april.
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    I don't care. CD or C2D, it's pretty much the same. I'm buying a Mini next week or the week after, C2D or not. Even if they come out with C2D the day after I buy it, I won't be kicking myself (unless the price drops :D ) There isn't much of a difernce, If you want a Mini, just buy one.
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    good call Cassie. Chances are, if you're buying a mac mini, you don't need high-end performance. You're better off getting tons of RAM so you can run iChat, Mail, Safari, iCal, MSWord, and iTunes simultaneously and seamlessly (which i'm doing right now, on 1 Gig - i love Macs!)
  8. Ugg
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    Maybe when the "ITV" is released? I'm not so much worried about the C2D as I am waiting for Leopard. No sense in buying a machine and then having to shell out $130 3 months later for a new OS.
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    Today if you're willing to open it up.

    Otherwise hold out until January at least.
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    Bah. Only a 10% performance increase according to the benchmarks posted in other threads. I'd rather see more standard RAM and an improved graphics chip.
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    Yeah, I hope they get the X3000 in their with Santa Rosa.
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    i would assume so. even though the mac mini is the low end affordable, i dont think they will leave it behind. and its the latest technology and "the world best processors"
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    I want a C2D mac mini, and am waiting for them to release it. Why?


    The only product NOT supporting n right now is mac mini, or any intel products that are CD, like my macbook pro. Everything that recieved C2D recieved n. Knowing apple, there is no reason to not go to C2D, they did it to thier other products without raising the price. So, i am sure that a new mac mini with C2D and 802.11n is on its way soon.
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    You can add N to a Core Duo Mini. It looks easy and would cost you about $50 plus shipping.

    Check it out.
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    It's so easy to open up a Mac mini and work in it.
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    That's so not worth it. You're taking an already way overpriced mini and spending another $70. It would cost you almost $1000 to get a mini that wasn't even comparable to a $999 iMac.
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    I'm just hoping for descrete graphics. I thought shared graphics were a bad idea from the start. The operating system, video programs and many other things other than video games now need better graphics than what shared graphics can offer.
    I'm not even talking about expensive high end graphics for video games just the lowest descrete graphics that can handle core image and handle .264 HD.
    I guess it would also be nice if they would add an express card slot for a "pro" mini but just the descrete graphics would be enough for me.
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    The current mini will handle HD video just fine. I understand the need for a better video sub-system, but HD video isn't one of them.
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    I bought a CD 1.66 mini with 512 MB of Ram and 80GB HDD,SD.. only upgrade i did so far is pump the ram up to 1.25 GB ..

    I use the mini as my tv unit but im posting the info on my G4 thru a vga switch :D

    i wanna do the Chip swap on the mini but i'm still looking into the pin count/wattage for the unit
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    I'm very very keen to purchase a Mac Mini to install in my home theatre setup, but am concerned that they haven't done a hardware refresh in such a long time. I'm not bothered by the performance of the current model, but if they were to release a new one tomorrow with a C2D processor and twice the RAM for the same price, I'd be kicking myself! :eek:
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    I too am patiently awaiting a mini refresh. I probably will wait until 10.5 is bundled with it at the very least. My 533 MHz Power Mac Digital Audio will have to hold out till then...
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    Doesn't matter, it is called "wanting to get value for your money".

    The price of the current Mini is ridiculous when you consider how much more you can get with an iMac.
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    Hopefully they'll upgrade the hardware and officially announce the release date for Leopard on the same day, stating that anyone who buys from that date forward will get the voucher for the Leopard upgrade... I'll buy that day. Need C2D 2.0Ghz, .11n & 1GB RAM in the $799 model and 1.83Ghz C2D, .11n & SD in the $599 model. Which makes the $200 upgrade the faster processor & 512MB of RAM; that still sounds like a lot, so maybe they'll leave the combo drive in the $599 model? So that would mean the high-end model got the speed bump and better processor, .11n capability, and doubled the ram; the low end model got the speed bump/better processor & .11n capability, and maybe an upgrade to SD. That's all I'm expecting this go round, :apple: seems determined to keep this the low rent model, I don't see it getting SR until well after the rest of the lineup. :(

    EDIT: Ok, after checking the apple store for MB pricing, seems the $200 there buys you the speed bump, 512MB ram, 20GB of hard drive space, & the upgrade to the SD, so I guess they'll leave the combo drive in the low end model.
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    mad jew


    Doesn't matter. It's called "reading the original post's time stamp" and "realising five month old buying advice may now be redundant". It's a common phenomenon and many books have been written on this theory.
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    Still waiting...

    I was hoping for 10.5 and a C2D Mini in June, but alas.

    I'd get a Mini now, but our last two Macs were bought toward the end of the lifecycle (a Powerbook, can't even remember the model(!), with a 68040 family chip, and our current G4 PB), and they didn't age well (e.g. huge performance gaps compared to new stuff, etc.). The G4 is fine for light home use, but is dog slow even rotating photos in iPhoto.

    Even though I don't have an immediate use for 64-bit, it's a pretty big jump and I don't want to get caught on the end of the last wave of 32-bit. Until recently I was still using a PII 350 MHz machine as a home server, so I do care about how my hardware will do 10 years from now. And in 10 years I think we'll be in a 64-bit world.

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