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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Craigy, May 3, 2007.

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    I've got a 1st gen macmini with 256mb RAM - sloooooowwwww.!

    I'm selling this on to one of our customers and know I need to install some new RAM - They will be using it for mainly browsing, email, word - some very light photo work etc...

    Do you think I can get away with putting 512 in or do i 'need' 1gb?

    How are your experiences?

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    I would recommend going with 1GB since that is the most the PowerPC Mac Minis can handle. But anything will be a boost from 256MB. :)
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    Is there quite a performance leap between 256 to 512? And is the leap from 512 + 1gb as noticable?

    I'm in the UK so I guess I could try
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    More RAM is always going to be a wise investment. When I had my 1.33GHz 12" iBook G4, I upgraded the RAM from 512MB to 1GB and I thought that it made a noticeable difference. The more programs you have running at the same time the more you will benefit from having additional RAM. :)
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    I have to say noticeable difference from 512mb->1gb. My g4 mini is upgraded from 512mb to 1gb, I'm very happy with it. No spinning balls now. I would've gone to 2gb pc3200 stick if it was available. I bought a pc3200 Kingston valueram, it works great for me. It's a little hard to open the case at the first time.


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