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Mac Mini/Sony VGX-TP1

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by passedpast, Jan 10, 2007.

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    If Sony can get a handle on the noise they may have some takers, that would be a really nice Media Center base.

    As much as I like Sony's styling and build quality, some of them (even when they're specifically aimed for home use) tend to be too noisy. I had an all-in-one widescreen VAIO some time ago and it used to sound like a vacuum cleaner when the room got even just a bit warm. In summer it graduated to jet engine and I threw it out. My SZ2VP laptop - while it runs cool almost all the time - is a little too noisy to use at home. It's actually sounds a tad noisier than any of my desktops which are, to be fair, all pretty darned quiet but nevertheless noticeably noisier than any of my Dell or Apple laptops.
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    Definetely a different look, reminds me of a robotic vacuum cleaner :D
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    (I realize this thread is a couple weeks old now, but I just recently saw pictures of this VAIO and didn't want to start a new thread).

    I think it's fairly pretty, although there are a lot of gaps and seams. The keyboard is nice. :) I did see a video recently, also, where Gates had this with him in an interview touting it as advancement in Windows hardware form factors.

    When Sony jumps to Vista, I wonder... will they start using Vista's media center applications, or will they continue their past practice of bundling a bunch of sort-of "best of breed" apps that don't really have a consistent look or feel?

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