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Mac Opera Gored on Safari?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Shrek, Jan 28, 2003.

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    The last line in the article makes me laugh.
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    Wow, you make an ugly, sucky product for a platform where users demand perfection and nobody uses it? Gee Whiz!

    Let me run this through my press release translator: "We're too lazy to make a decent competitive product, so we will take our punctured and deflated ball and go home." :D
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    I think Opera isn't a terrible browser (I love running it on my PC at work), but I do think Safari is better. Unfortunately, we (and especially Apple) must take Opera's lament seriously. Apple has to provide a delicate balancing act to create specially-tailored software for OS X to ensure users get the best "Apple experience." However, it should try not to step on too many developers' toes, lest they discourage more program development on the Mac. The only solution to this, of course, is for Apple to grow its user base to ensure the pie is big enough for everyone.
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    Yeah, the idea that apple would use opera as a core is a joke, they obviously think pretty highly of themselves... but apple should do everything it can (short of making a ****ty browser) to encourage these apps to continue, because competition drives things along. god forbid safari should become like IE, and then stop developing because it's the only viable option... that would suck...

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    I agree 100% with the concept, but in this case I have no pity for the folks at Opera. I have tried to use Opera more than once in the past and was never satisfied.

    I would bet if Opera and Mozilla were shipping excellent products, Apple would never have found it necessary to allocate the huge resources that must have been required to develop Safari.
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    Amen. Apple gave them all plenty of time to develop *one* decent browser for OS X, it come down to it being apple's responsibility to OS X to develop safari. we couldn't have a bad browser forever, considering the web browser so important...

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    I personally don't like Opera or Safari. On my 17" imac they are both slower than Chimera. Safari hesitates too much for me, even on my DSL connection. As far as Opera goes, I guess the fat lady is singing. The show is over and I give it a thumbs down. Chimera still gets my vote.
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    If Opera dies, who cares, Apple has its own browser now, we still have Chimera and Mozilla and Omniweb and don't forget icab, plus opera sucks anyways

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