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Mac OS 10.1

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by kjdenison, May 16, 2004.

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    I didn't realize it, but i completley wiped out my hard drive, and I dont have a previous version of mac os x. I have Panther discs, but they require a "previous version" What should I do?? I cant seem to find a copy on like limewire or anything. Help!!

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    well what kind of computer do you have. apple has shipped os x on machines now for a couple of years. if you really dont have anything i would just take a look at ebay, i bet you could find some panther or jag discs for pretty cheap. if not maybe someone will ship you some cds, of course being worked out outside the forums.

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    do u have restore discs?

    that should have 10.1 then u can upgrade
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    I don't understand it. If you have Panther disks, can't you do a clean install from those? I have the Panther disks when I upgraded from Mac OS 10.2.8, and I'm pretty sure that if I wiped out my HD, I could just install it through those disks.

    Or maybe my mind isn't working straight, I'm not reading your question correctly, and I need to.....stop.....studying!! :eek:
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    okay, you have the Panther upgrade disks, you can't install 10.3 from them, because they're only 'upgrade' disks from 10.2 to 10.3. i've got the same disks as well, damn annoying when you have to re-install the OS, you basically have to re-install 2 OSs. :mad:

    and Kurt, check your PMs. ;)
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    So the 4 Panther disks that we get are only a set of upgrade disks? Sorry, its just that I've never tried upgrading it, and am the only person I know that uses a Mac. :(
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    let me be a bit more descriptive of my case, I have a G5 and i do have 10.2.7 but it is only supported on a G5, and I have Panther Upgrade discs, I reformatted a 12" powerbook for a friend, and now I realized I dont have any way to get an older OSX on to it. She doesn't know where her disc would be at either. :S


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