Mac OS Emulator for Newton.

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Spock, Feb 7, 2003.

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    I am currently attempting to run Mac OS 6.0 on the NewtonOS 2.0, I made a Mac OS 6.0 Emulator for my NeXT Box,and this is my new project and was wandering if anyone wanted to help. I don't want to here that this is not possible. I have a freind that used to work at Apple and is writing a Onscreenkey program for 6.0 and I am working on adapting Mac OS 6.0 to use the touchscreen. Any positive input would be helpfull.
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    Do you have screenshots or a binary for the Mac OS emulator for NeXTSTEP? I have a NeXT slab and would like to take a look at it.


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    The version I made is buggy it barley works BUT has a Mac OS 6.0 emulator for NeXTSTEP it works well, you will need a Macintosh ROM but that is next to nothing to get.
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    Just for the novelty of it (I assume you did not circulate the emulator?) I would not mind having a screenshot to add to my collection of interesting finds. Could you provide?


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    Not even a screenshot??

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    Sorry I completely forgot about this thread I will try to get some screenshots for you soon. I have been busy.
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    MacOS emulator for the Newt?

    Hiya, Spock.

    I was running a search for Mac emulators for the Newt, and this forum popped up. Pretty much the only thing that did...:(

    Anyway, I've been wanting to see a Mac emulator for the Newt ever since I found that fake one a few years ago - you may have seen it, simulates a MacOS boot, then gives you some error message until you figure out that that's all it really does.

    Anyway, I see that it's been about four years since you talked about this here, and I was wondering if you've had any luck. Me, I'd love to be able to run the MacOS on my Newt.

    So, anyway - how's that been going for you?


    BTW, if you're interested, a guy I know of finally worked the bugs out of his Apple Lisa emulator. Here's a link to the site.

    And one for a forum where they tell you where and how to get the ROMs and disks and such.

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