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Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) at WWDC

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Apple has posted early program information about what developers will learn at the Worldwide Developer's Conference 2006.

    Apple's intention to demo Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) at this year's WWDC has been no secret. Steve Jobs announced it last year at the WWDC 2005 Keynote, and Apple's BootCamp page indicated that "Developers can learn all about the sixth major release of Mac OS X [Leopard] this century at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference."

    WWDC takes placed between August 7-11th of this year.

    While the topics covered at WWDC are primarily developer-focused, in recent years, Apple's Keynote address has been targeted at developers and consumers alike. Last year, Apple first announced that they would be moving to Intel processors. This year, PowerMacs are rumored to be in the pipeline at or around WWDC in August.
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    I can't wait....short but sweet post
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    Can't...wait...that...long... :/
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    I'm so curious about what kind of new features are going to be in this release. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been getting the feeling that this is going to be a big one. rumors aside... just a feeling.
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    I'd like to see you try not waiting that long. Yeah.
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    I got the developer email this afternoon. I'm excited to see the new features. I'm still running 10.3 so I can't wait to upgrade to Leopard. I'll finally be able to use widgets!!

    edit- wow people respond fast!
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    Not exactly news, is it?
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    When is leopard gonna be shipping on macs? Could it be this year at all? Or are we looking at January?
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    no, but a little positive reinforcement never hurts.
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    It'll have to be a big release to compete with Windows Vista.

    I wonder which will come out first...
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    It would be nice if they had it out for the holiday season, seeing as Vista isn't going to make it before then. And besides, maybe someone will buy it for me. :)
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    Wasn't vista delayed? again, I mean.
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    I got a nice email about it today. I'm signed on as a Apple Student Developer for the emails.
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    I thought I read somewhere about next April?
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    very cool. How many more versions of OSX will there be until OS 11, will they go to 10.9?
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    I say Macworld 2007.
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    What could be expected from Leopard

    bootcamp is a given

    upgraded spotlight search is a given too IMO.

    maybe this will be the most media-centric OS for mac yet. some form of Blu-Ray using software technology could be introduced.

    safari 3.0 would be a given too.

    possibly some form of DVR functioning program?
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    Did I hear correctly that Boot Camp was going to be integrated into the OS for true native sidelong Windows compatibility in Leopard, or was that a wet dream?

    it might just be that Boot Camp is out of beta and bundled with Leopard.
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    It isn't really but, it lets me have a date to mark on my calendar. But, see now I can't wait for it...damn...welp...only 4 more months to go! :D:rolleyes: :eek:
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    I agree. Alot of media based stuff. New UI/Finder of course (and THANK GOD). DVR Perhaps. Safari 3.0. Upgraded Spotlight and Dashboard. Boot Camp of course will also be integrated. Although I get the feeling they're going to throw in a couple of wildcards too. Like something out of the blue but really new and different.

    My hopes are that they make it alittle more user friendly for people that have never used a Mac before (say an "OS X Tour" app, or some kind of pop-up help thing...I think there was something like that in OS 9?)
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    Leaping Leopards

    This OS release will rock! Also, Leopard will be used as the
    basis for mobile OS's used in phones, iPods, and other portables.
    It will surely take 3D to another level, and perhaps be the first
    to evolve beyond the mach kernel.
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    I'm all for the revamped finder and faster spotlight...but what is the random new feature that suddenly we all will "have to have"?
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    i'm guessing we'll see a major update to the visual appearance of the UI. brushed metal will be gone.

    i'm hoping the extra time leopard is taking to cook in the labs is indicative of something groundbreaking not just the natural slow down of the OS X cycle. maybe coupled with the announcement of a new tablet-esque pc.
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    Dictionary 2.0?
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    No, no Chess 3.0

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