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Mac OS X Leopard's Spaces

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 11, 2007.

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    AppleInsider provides a look at Apple's implementation of Spaces in their upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and the origins of such virtual workspaces.
    The author believes that Apple successfully addressed both issues to make Spaces a useful addition to Mac OS X.

    Apple also provides a dedicated page describing the new feature of Leopard as well as a Quicktime movie demonstrating the feature.

    Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is expected to be released this month.

    Article Link
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    I Dreamt Spaces Saved My Life

    I had a dream last night that Spaces really got me organized better than ever before.
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    I am so looking forward to this.

    I am so sick of the current solutions switching virutal spaces incorrectly when I open doc type X in space Y when application Z is was first opened in Y.

    Now that apple is standardizing virutal desktops windows should finally open in their correct spots.

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    I want to know the keyboard shortcuts for this sucker.

    I still find application hiding and Exposé to work quite well.
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    in your dream, was it October or November?
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    I think this is one feature I'm really looking forward to using, especially on a macbook pro.

    Very cool.
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    did you notice ical in your dream? was it still october?!:D
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    Lots of people on these forums seem to be having dreams about Leopard.
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    I set my middle mouse button as the shortcut.Simply clicking it gives me a birds eye view of all the spaces.Clicking again takes me back to where I was or where I'm going.
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    I thought you'd be able to set it to a mouse button.

    Definitely quad core Mac time for this.
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    You.. dream about operating systems? :confused:
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    How about a "one core per desktop" mode, allowing easy user CPU allocation?

    Example (Core Duo Mac):
    - put Handbrake in a space by itself to give it a whole CPU to encode a DVD
    - put all your other apps in another space to share your other CPU
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    Still expected to be this month? If there is nothing by tomorrow, let alone the end of this weekend, I'm going to break into a constant sweat :p
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    I must say, Spaces is one of the things I'd really see myself using a lot, however I wonder if I'd forget about conversations going on in different spaces too ? Quite likely.

    HAHA... that put a smile on my face.

    I'm not sure if I'd want to swap out Exposé for Spaces, as that's currently what I have my middle mouse button set as... when I'm using a mouse.
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    I really like these Apple Insider features, but for heck's sake, I WANT A RELEASE DATE, so I can go out and buy my MBP and get a copy of Leopard via up to date....

    BTW- Are they technically allowed to do these without violating their NDA, or is apple turning a blind eye, because it's free, very positive, advertising?
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    Never Limit Handbrake's Access To All The Cores It Can Eat

    That's a bad example since Handbrake can use all available cores to crush As Fast As Possible (AFAP) and many other applications only need a small fraction of a core to run. Handbrake and Toast would be the last things I would ever want to limit core access to.

    Mail on the other hand, now there's a CORE HOG if I ever saw one - I would love to limit Mail to 25% of a core if I could.
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    Interesting article, Spaces in one of the features of Leopard that I am really looking forward too. Think this will probably be my most used part of Leopard apart from the updated Finder.
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    Apparently, ctrl+1, +2,+3 and so on
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    Funny. I'm very excited about Spaces though. Having multiple desktops is the one thing I missed when I switched from Linux.
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    Very nice! I first used work spaces waaaay back in my HP-UX days almost ten years ago. (damn, I feel old)

    HP-UX's Visual User Environment defaulted to six workspaces but the number was configuable.

    Nice work, Apple!
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    Don't ask, don't tell. :p
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    I thought that was great !! :D
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    Looks like the best implementation of a virtual desktop. Perhaps Quicklook will be the topic for Friday as we wait for the official shipping date. I wish I could dream about it. It hasn't even shipped in my dreams yet.

    Hopefully by Friday or Monday, some small HTML file will change on the Apple site that mentions a shipping date and a countdown.
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    as well as crtl + arrow and F8
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    I don't know about 25%, but if you start it from Terminal like this:
    nice /Applications/Mail.app/Contents/MacOS/Mail &

    it will be given a lower CPU priority than other programs.

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