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mac os x

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by starfleet4, Dec 14, 2002.

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    i'm really new to mac. i am a pc tech who made the convert. now a copy of win xp home is about 200-300 depending on where u shop. all u do is pop in the cd and it formats your drive and installs. how does installing os x work? how much does it cost and is it something you could walk into a store and buy? thanks for the help. mac people really are in a different class
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    well, mac os x sure wont cost u as much as XP or other windoze OS's
    and isntalling is very simple. You put in the CD and follow the
    instructions. It isn't too long, and I don't hear of people having
    errors when installing ever. SO I wouldn't worry about installing
    OS X.

    It costs $120 on amazon, but Im sure you can find it as low as $80
    or $90 somewhere.
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    if you're a student or government employee, you can get discounts down to about $60-70. it should be available in any compusa. first, make sure that you have a mac that can support osx, then, just put in the cd and restart the computer while holding down the "c" key. it's as easy as that. you can choose to reformat the drive, or just install osx on top of whatever os9 installation you have on there.
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    hey. fatty mem how ya doin. thanks for the info guys. i'm still waiting for the adapter cable i ordered so i can hook it up to a monitor. after ripping the machine apart and thoroughly cleaning it inside and out including keyboard and mouse i found that i had tyo rebuild the fan assembly and power supply unit. cant wait till monday's delivery. can i also find copies of os 9. i dont believe osx will run on this machine. is there a certain amount of ram that each os needs to run like a windows os needs? ie: xp requires 128mb ram.
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    according to your other thread, you got some kind of performa and that won't run osx so yeah...stick with 9, although a new machine with X would kinda kick its arse..
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    hey guys. thanks for posting to my thread and its feels great to discover this "mac "thing. I'm a changed man. i recieved a performa 6116cd with 64 mb of ram and i dont know what else until tomorrow when i recieve the video adapter by fedex[i hope]. my guitar teacher uses a g3 tricked out for multimedia. its connected to a 24 track super mixing board and 3 adat machines. maybe he or you all can suggest a free or affordable music editing program so i can lay some tracks down i have been working on. promise all mac users a free copy of my first cd. lol
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    osx certainly will not run on a 6116. as old as that machine is, you're not going to be able to do studio quality recording on it (although i did make an entire hip-hop album with mine :D ). no currently developed audio editing software will run on the machine as it only has a 60mhz processor.
    that program will work on there, and it's shareware (but not at all crippled) version called "soundeffects" can be found here http://www.riccisoft.com/software.html

    i never did too much audio editing with my machine, so others could point you in the way of better programs, but they'll all be pretty old and probably a bit difficult to find. unfortunately, you will not be able to do everything your friend can on his computer, but the 6116 is a great little machine for messing around.
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    im assuming you got this mac for free..?

    if you paid more that $25-50 for it then you got shafted, IMO

    also... to really expirience the mac, you need to run OS X on a capable machine. Basically compare the machine you have to a PC with Window$ 3.1
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    well thanks for your candiness. it is refreshing. Actually, it was purchased by my friend and boss for me for $30.00us. i had to repair the fan assembly and finally today i recieved that wierd looking "mac monitor adapter hdi45/db15 " so i can see what we have here! i checked the email for a posting to my thread,because ofcourse, its hooked to a belkin mac to pc adapter and IT AINT WORKING.
    i guess my next thread will be in the works as soon as i'm through posting with this one. by the way, what does IMO mean? PEACE!!

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