Mac OSX 10.8 ML Licensing Query

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by cooa99, Aug 21, 2012.

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    I Bought a Mac mini last year with Lion factory-Installed.

    I have now bought a rMBP with Mountain Lion factory-Installed

    Am I allowed to then install mountain Lion on the mac mini as well?
    bearing in mind that ML will not show up the the app store as a purchase...


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    No, the copy that ships with a computer is licensed for that computer only. You'll have to fork over the $20 for a copy for the Mini if you want it there too.

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    While the original poster is right, when you purchase a mountain lion upgrade you can install it on 10 computers. I don't think apple really cares as you're installing it on one of their computers.

    That said, restore disks don't come with macs anymore so you couldnt do it anyway, could you? and had it come with a disk, it'd be hardware specific.
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    ok I guess spending £13.99 is not much after after spending £2500 for a rMBP!.

    If I Purchase from the App Store and then Install ML on my 2011 mac mini, Would that wipe the existing recovery partition created my the factory Lion install?


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    There is no need for a recovery partition any more due to Internet recovery.
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    is this from lion or mountain lion?
    i don't want to doubt but take a scenario where the HDD on my mac mini is trashed and i replace with a brand new drive. Are you telling me that if i turn the mac mini on it will try to reconnect to apple over the internet?

    is the OS X internet recovery process version specific?
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    ok, having done a bit more reading, this internet recovery thing is guuuud.

    2 questions still remains, After purchase of ML from the Store

    1) should i do an update to ML or a full install?
    2) Is the full install process the one where i have to create a bootable usb stick....?


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    Simple upgrade. It was ever thus. Apple is doing everything that it can to discourage the time and productivity wasting practice of Mac newbies who are convinced beyond reason that they need to do a full install to upgrade a perfectly good OS on their computers.

    Full install are intended to solve vexing problems that cannot be fixed by any other means. Of the four Macs under my control, the last full install that I did was in 2007 to install MacOS X 10.4 on a replacement hard drive. My MacBook Pro has been upgraded from MacOS X 10.5 through every subsequent new version to OS X 10.8 via simple upgrade.
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    Actually, there's no limit on the number.


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