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Mac/PC small network

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by coopdog, Oct 22, 2002.

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    Right now I have DSL modem>HUB>G4,PC. I have had a hell of a time getting them to network. They know each other are there by pinging each other but they will not transfer files. Im running 10.2 and XP. Because I only have one IP in Jag i have the sharing option to share the connection and it works ok. Its just trasfering files that doesn't work. Is there any app that can help me do this more easly? Or any advice?
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    Ok, in 10.2 on your Mac you need to go into 'System prefs > Sharing' and enable 'Windows File Sharing'. This will start the Samba server and share out your entire home directory on a Windows network. From a Windows box you can access this by: 'Start > Run' then type "\\macipaddress\macaccountshortusername", for example mine is: "\\\jamie".

    Now for Windows, all you need to do is share a folder as you would normally for another windows box to be able to get to it, now, goto your mac and click on your desktop to make finder your active app, now hit apple+k to open the connect to server dialog, in the address text box enter "smb://pcipaddress/sharename", then hit connect, it's that simple!
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    Still doens't work

    I have gotten farther than before but still having problems. I connect to the PC and i enter all the info but still get an error. The admin and only account for the PC is terry so i entered that and the pass. Do i need to put the workgroup name? I know that there is one its "home." I always get the same error thats the box in the top left. Picture below:

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    What you need to put there is the PC's hostname as this is where you windows user account is held.


    Wintel Box


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    apple talk??

    are you trying to use Apple talk to move files from XP To Mac OS? I dont think you can do that.

    you have to use something like FTP or SCP (part of SSH). Both are built in to OS X and you can use the Terminal to use them or get a free GUI for them.

    I use HotLine at home to share files between My Mac and a PC (my sisters). She's not a command line kind of girl so ... a nice HL Client interface did the trick.

    One thing to rememeber... you have a nated adress and a real adress...

    and XP and OS X both have built in firewalls. XP's is hard to find and its set up with strict rules out of the box
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    Is your P.C. broadcasting??
    Did you enable the P.C. to file share??

    Form your P.C. go to network places and run the network wizard via "set up a home network"....follow the steps, and reboot your computer!!!
    For more info click
    here ;)

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