Mac Platform = Fine / Windows = What?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by bobber205, Dec 17, 2005.

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    You are getting a javascript error in Safari 2.2 on all the links. In Firefox 1.5 you are not getting errors but the links do not work. You also get an error in IE 5.2 All these are Mac browsers, I don't have a PC running right now to test it on.
    Good Luck,
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    with firefox 1.5 beta on windows xp sp2 i get errors on every link, but the text at the top works. i would fire up ie and test it, but i have a "no ie" policy on my computer :eek:
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    I applaud your IE. I only launch it for web development. Never surfing! NEVER.

    The links don't work. They aren't links yet. At all.

    Right now there's just rollover effects...

    And what are the Javascript errors?:confused:
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    not sure it's exactly a javascript error, but here's the error-message looking thing i get when i click on one of the buttons.

    edit: it's not always recreation--it's whatever the button said

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    > Mac Platform = Fine / Windows = What?

    If Mac Platform = Fine / Windows = Jail Time

    :D :D
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    Right now, in Safari, if I roll over a link, I get text near the top of the window. If I click, I get a javascript requester, with the text of the button in it. So if I click "opportunities," I get a requester with the same in it. I think that's what they mean by errors. But I think that's what's supposed to happen at this point, right? You have them there as place-holders, I assume?
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    If only using Windows did lead to jail time... ;) :)
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    Those alert dialogues are on purpose.

    Man! All this confusion over something I meant to put there. Hilarious!

    Good thing it's solved now.

    BTW I do think Windows are horrible machines to work with.
    Great to game on, bad to do anything else.

    And I think the picture of "recreation" that was posted was on a windows machine was it not?

    For Shame!
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    ok. I fixed a problem involving the screw up.

    Not it's not working. It keeps looping through over and over.

    And I've been told it doens' t work in Windows Internet Explorer.

    Is there anything I can do to make it work in Windows IE?:confused:
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    Let's keep the Windows bashing to a minimum and rather help him in making the site work on the suckiest browser ever.

    IE 6 on Windows report "Object Expected"; Char 1 in Line 180, 181, 185 and 187.
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    Seems to work. I get the rollover text.

    Edit: That one doesn't work in Firefox/Win though. Guess you'll have to do some browser sniffing.
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    What do you mean about browser sniffing?

    You mean like using different code for different browsers... if so then YAY!:D
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    Yup, that's what I ment..

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