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Mac Plus G4, my first mod

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mxvilla, Apr 1, 2012.

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    Hey guys!

    I wanted to share with you my first mod ever.

    It's a Mac Plus with a Mac mini G4 inside!

    I had a Mac Plus case lying around and a Mac mini, so I thought it would be only natural for them to become one :p

    I've taken some photos of the process and shot a couple of videos afterwards (videos I need to reshoot because I shot them vertically...sorry for that, I was really tired and didn't think about it).

    What I did is pretty simple: I took the guts of the Mac mini and stuffed them inside the Plus case, together with a new 9" display I bought.

    I've left the entire I/O of the Mac mini intact, but had to take out the optical drive because of space issues and the fact that I need to put the drive on the front, for which I have to get some cables I don't currently have.

    And I've taken the power button to the front! :D

    It's running OS X Tiger 10.4.11 on a 1.25Ghz PowerPC G4.

    There are some details I need to work on, and a few improvements I want to make (for example, adding original mouse & keyboard). But for now, it works great and looks even better!

    Here are some pics (I won't post them all directly because they're quite large):


    I have resized one picture so I can post it here, though :)


    And you can read a bit more about it on my website (which I have only used for this :p): http://www.vokuro.com.ar

    The videos can be found at my Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/mxvilla

    All feedback and ideas are welcome!! I want to improve it as much as possible.

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    Cool mod!
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    Definitely cool! The resolution would drive me nuts tho.
  4. mxvilla, Apr 1, 2012
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    Actually, you wouldn't believe how sharp it looks, although the image is obviously small!

    I'm planning on using it as a local server once I get my hands on an Airport card (which, in my country [Argentina] is actually quite difficult to find).
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    Here's a new pic! With its new wallpaper.

    Coming later: a video of iTunes playing some music and a new booting video, now horizontal, and in plain daylight :)

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    Here is the new video, playing music!

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    That is amazing! Really cool! But I have to say, it makes me want to get the real deal as well... I remember when my friend had one of these and it was so exotic. I always wanted to try it out when I was at her house.
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    Booting, now horizontal and in plain daylight :p

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    One neat thing you could do is get MinivMac working on there in fullscreen mode. It'd make that look like a real Mac Plus again.
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    Good idea, for some reason I thought MinivMac didn't work on Tiger.

    I'll get into it :)

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