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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by applemacman, Jan 28, 2008.

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    So I am about to buy a shiny new mac pro in a few months but need some help with a few issues.

    I am wanting to install windows with bootcamp to play games. Which version of windows should I buy. With so many versions out there which would be the best for games. XP is what I am thinking would be my best bet but exactly which one should I get?

    I am thinking I am going to get the 2.8 quad with the standard graphics card. I can't justify spending another $140 for the NVIDIA because I don't think I would notice a difference being new to computer games. Will most games support both graphics cards?

    Also when I go to buy games, given my eventually configuration (2.8quad, ATI, lods of RAM), what system requirements should I play close attention to. For instance as long as it says INTEL I should be fine right? ....or as long as it says ATI I should be fine? because the games are older than the processors and graphics cards they will not be on the back so does my logic/theory work when looking at the requirements?

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    If you're really going to be into gaming, you should get the nvidia. For newer games, you will really notice a difference. XP will be fine, just make sure it's SP2. What are your reasons for getting a Mac Pro? If it's specifically to game, you'd probably be better off just building a PC.
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    There are other reasons, Gaming is not one of the primary reasons or a huge issue but I am about to sell my 360 and would like to have a few games to fill the void every now and then. I am in college and have a job now so I don't really have time to play the 360 but would like the option to kick back and play evry once in awhile so I thought computer games on the pro would suffice.
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    Get the 8800 GT. Trust me. Its an incredible card and has faired well even playing Crysis. In fact its the most recommended card for that game for people on a budget. If it can handle that game well, then it can handle anything.
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    definitely go for the 8800 nvidia as you'll see better performance and get a longer life from it. also I'd recommend you go with vista ultimate 32-bit for your os as you'll eventually want to play directx 10 games that will only be supported by vista. i would suggest however that you pick vista up from your campus bookstore as it's likely to be around $100 for ultimate as compared to the 300+ you'll pay in ordering it online.

    also remember to order your computer through the apple education store online for the discount.

    good luck :p
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    My campus book store does not have Vista it has XP Professional w/SP2 for $92. It is odd that they do not have vista but yet they have Microsoft Office 08 in the store and it just came out.

    ...also I am actually going to use my ADC discount for the Mac Pro
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    That's kind of expensive and unfortunate. I was able to get XP and Vista 32 and 64 bit editions from my campus.

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