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mac programmer needed for app creation!

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ozbADmaN, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Hi guys new to mac so bare with me, I’ve got a couple of idea's that I think are worth getting involved in but don’t have a clue how to program, and I’m not interested in learning, I have enough on my plate with my own work, but there are couple of apps that I believe may have market interest, if your interested email me, I’d like to talk.... I’m not a time waster so let me know.. :D

    My field is in marketing products, not there creation....
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    I think more details are required! What are you willing to pay? How big is the project? Is this one of those lame "I had this great idea: you do all the work and we'll split it 50/50"? Because if so: ideas are cheap and plentiful: and idea is only worth around 5%.
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    Your words are on the money.

    I like the way you think, you have probably been down this road once before.

    I know the feeling.

    As far as money goes its not something I would care to disuse on a forum, but in private emails not a problem.

    Some of the projects are based around making life easy for people like me that just want things to work, I'm not interested in applications that can do my washing, just apps that do 1 to 2 things well, simple stuff, to many programs want to do to much for to many people, rely frustrating to know end.

    Email me and I'll elaborate more.

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    Unfortunately I don't have enough time to work on my own projects, let alone others! You might get someone here, you could also try the Cocoadev job board...
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    Instead of splitting a portion of the money, you'll have more success if you offer a flat rate. Most of the time when I approach new projects, I find the idea iself flimsy and half-baked. It is for this reason that I would never go halfsies (or any other ratio) with somebody I didn't know.

    Just for reference, a novice developer makes about $50k per year, and Senior devs make $100k+ or more. So if you want somebody with talent AND experience, and you expect to need them to work for you for 6 months to write this software, expect it to cost you $35-50k.

    If you're really stuck on the business partner idea, however, I would suggest you write up a real business plan.

    But yeah, Robbie is correct. We see occasional posts like this saying "I have a great idea, and if you work for free now I'll throw you bread crumbs when I rule the world." There are not to many really clever ideas out there. Clever is figuring out how to implement the idea while meeting practical constraints such as marginal cost, power consumption, usability, etc.

    (Think iPod vs. previous MP3 players. Nothing clever about the idea "Hey let's put a hard drive into an MP3 player!" It's pulling off the idea in one of the most compelling forms the world has seen that has earned Apple big bucks.)
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    Also remember that ideas are a dime a dozen. Production and marketing are the hard parts of software development.

    (I've been a mac developer for 16+ years.)

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    Bear with me... although "bare with me" is appropriate in a nudist camp.



    You're in marketing and you're communicating with others, so you know that attention to detail in a forum post has a bearing on their opinion of your ideas when they're reading your idea's details there.

    (PS. before embarking on programming of a 'new' application, search versiontracker.com and macdownloads.com for relevant key words, to see if your idea has been done before.)

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