Mac Renderings...All Of Them!

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MattB, Jul 16, 2001.

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    User 'benmac' made a posting to our forums just now with a link to a pretty interesting page he's put together.
    I put on my webpage all the renderings of new PowerMacs, iMacs, PowerBooks, iBooks and PDAs I could find on the web. Have a look, it's great fun looking at the different views on how the next generation of Apple products will look like!
    Here's the link:

    We might not be seeing these at MWNY, but it's fun to dream!
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    Impressive work, benmac. I dig the G5 sphere.

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    Have some more?

    If you have so more that aren't on the website, you can send them to me and I'll add them on my webpage.
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    apple should take note

    apple could get some great ideas from this page!
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    Have some more Mac Renderings?

    Send me your pics and I'll add them to my webpage so we can make it as complete as possible.
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    credit where credit is due

    please give credit where credit is due. Most if not all of these designs came from .

    Check out his site. he has been doing these renderings for some time and has gotten so much better in time.

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    Interestingly enough none of these are the "real" pix of the new iMac that someone managed to snag from Apple's ad company recently and post briefly on the web. Some japanese guy put them on his page only for Apple to have him whip them off in no time. I searched solidly across the entire web for 2 days and still couldn't find a trace of them. Apparently somewhere another japanese guy made them into icons which are still available, but i'm buggered if I can find them. Tomorrow it is then.... ;-)

    I hope Jobs surprises us all and pulls out all the stops for some awesome announcements......Then again pigs might fly.
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    The G4 Titanium was on the site before, I just replaced it with a newer version.
    If you have any other renderings, please eMail them to me.
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    I would happily plop my money down on one of those

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