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Mac Tablet from OWC

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 4, 2007.

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    Other World Computing pre-announced the Axiotron ModBook today.... a 3rd party Mac "tablet computer solution".

    The ModBook is a Mac tablet computer solution with these features:

    • Write and draw directly on screen!
    • True pen & handwriting recognition
    • Built in iSight Camera
    • Integrated CD/DVD combo drive
    • The ONLY Mac solution with an optional built-in Global Positioning System
    • Aircraft grade magnesium alloy for all terrain use

    The ModBook will apparently be a heavily modified MacBook in the tablet form-factor and will be officially unveiled at Macworld Expo on January 9th. A hands-on trial of the device will be available at that time.

    This year, MacRumors will be posting photos and reports from Macworld booths. A Macworld San Francisco sub-forum has been opened and we encourage vendors to register and participate in the discussion of their products.
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    Sounds pretty cool. But I still don't think tablets are all that practical.
  3. arn
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    Staff Member

    they have to be pretty confident that Apple's not releasing a tablet at MWSF... :)

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    Interesting teaser they have on there website...
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    Tablets suck

    unless they're made by Apple.
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    Cease And Desist
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    Since when do other people.. companies make Mac hardware?

    Furthermore since when do other people make computers that can run OS X.
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    Are you serious? In all seriousness, has the validity of this been checked. I checked the link and it left me a bit skeptical. Plus there is now way apple would let someone else make a computer that they have using their os.
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    I want a real clone, not a mod :(

    Changing the ROM with some PC notebooks is enough to let it install a normal MacMini osX DVD, it can't be long until someone offer's a osX compatible PC's. Right?
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    They buy a Macbook and mod it to a Tablet at twice the price, thats all.
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    :eek: HOLY SHIZZLE!!! :eek:

    Like I said all throughout 2006, 2007 will be the year that Apple breaks into new markets and does to them what the iPod/iTunes combination did to the digital music player/legal online content distribution markets.

    Gentlemen, THIS IS WAR!!! :cool:
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    Weird, seems like a dicy move if a) Apple makes a tablet and b) Apple Legal Department....
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    This isn't gonna hog up any of the keynote right?

    Oh and does modbook mean they modded a macbook to be a tablet? wont apple sue them for selling modded versions of their product under their nose, and introducing it at THIR TRADESHOW?
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    Why? They likely make you purchase a MacBook (on your dime), ship it to them, and then they modify it to make it a tablet and give it back to you. This would obviously void Apple's warranty so they also likely provide support for this modified MacBook.
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    I guess Apple can test market a tablet for free now. HA! :p
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    that sounds realistic though, as long as its not an actual "new" product that is gonna hog my true vpod time at macworld. lol
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    It's all legal...
    Imagine someone buying a Corvette, modifying it with a higer horsepower engine and adding a huge spoiler to the back. Then they sell it to a buyer for a higher price.

    I believe OWC is purchasing MacBooks from Apple, modifying them, and then selling them for a higher price. It is completely legal. It's similar to what the Outbound computer company did in 1989 when they came out with a Macintosh portable.

    Whether or not OWCs Tablet Mac is profitable for them remains to be seen.

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    Also, if colorware can buy macs, paint them, and resell them why can't a company buy macs, change a few parts, and resell them?
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    Sounds awesome. Just because Apple isn't making them, doesn't mean they're no good.

    I look forward to seeing this thing in action.
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    Clive At Five

    Shady but legal. I will be very interested to see how this plays out, both within the next couple days, but also in the long-term. Could this be the beginning of a new type of "legal" clone?

    That much is the truth.

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    I doubt they really know one way or the other. You, more than anyone, know these people don't usually get any privileged information. They're just taking a risk, and it's probably a relatively safe one.
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    C R A Z Y

    can't stop laughing ... :D :D :D

    seriously this has made my day, the only thing which will make me laugh more is if by some temperal-field-warp Apple release a tablet PC at macworld also!
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    Clive At Five

    Does Colorware's paint job void the warranty?

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    It makes good sense. I imagine this has all been discussed and agreed with apple.

    No more tablet R&D for apple, no new product support for apple, no embarrassment if no-one buys one.
    But if lots of people buy one, then apple sell heaps of extra macbooks (to OWC) that they already make a good margin on for negligible extra effort.
    If the market goes crazy for 'em, then apple can always make their own, having done all the market testing / user feedback for free.

    Win-Win-Win situation. Smart.

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