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Mac user share/users online

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Anamorphic, Nov 27, 2002.

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    On another (non-Mac specific) message board, I'm in a discussion with a Windows users. We're talking about why there aren't any online casinos that have Mac software, and he quoted a statistic he 'heard', that for every 14,000 Windows users online, there is 1 Mac user online. Clearly, this couldn't true. I mean, even just thinking logically, if Mac has a, what, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-8% market share; if the 14,000:1 figure was right, that would mean a very, very, very small percentage of Mac users are online.

    I'd love to find some soures to back my point up. I've done a little searching, but have yet to come up with anything. Anyone know of published statistics; recent figures for Mac's market share, and something to refute that silly 14,000:1 figure?
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    Sorry - macs don't have crap software :D.

    I don't know if there is any mac casino software,
    god I hope not, I don't want to fuel the fire that
    those viscious ads spawn from. :p ;)
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    Yes, obnoxious, blinking ads all over the place, not to mention spamspamspam = awful. But playing perfect blackjack, taking advantage of casino bonuses, knowing when to cash out, and making a little bit of money while having fun = good. :D

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