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Macbook: Audio In >> Playback

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by j3tang, Jan 7, 2007.

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    My setup consists of my macbook with an external LCD monitor with video input.

    I had an idea: i plugged in my PS2 into my LCD monitor for video, and since there's no audio input on the monitor, i thought i'd run the audio from my PS2 to the audio-in of my macbook. I thought the sound that was fed in, was supposed to playback, but it doesn't. I know there is sound because when i check the sound system preferences, in the input tab i see there's a signal.

    I guess my question is a probably a fundamental one then, how would i actually be able to hear the sound coming from my PS2? External speakers unfortonately are not part of my setup :(

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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    monitor it with an audio app. I don't think there's a system pref to monitor the line in (but I could be wrong about that). So just load up some audio recording app and use it to monitor the line in.

    Do check the input level of your line in, in systems preferences though.
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    thanks for the quick replies guys!

    I looked at Soundflower and had trouble understanding how to set it up. I went googling this app to see if i could find some sort of a tutorial and i came up with an engadget tutorial (back from 2004) on how to make your own podcasts which described some uses of soundflower. I also saw another app they described as letting audio "passthru". The app was called LineIn. LineIn is actually exactly what i was looking for, it lets you select the source of input and your source of output and lets audio pass through from the input to the output. Just for the record, for anyone else that wants to do this, this app was free and soooooooo simple to use (just 2 drop down menus, and 1 button).

    Thanks again for the help, wouldn't have it if it weren't for the suggestions!
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    er ..... only problem is the lag in the sound

    things happen and then ......... about 2-3 second later the sound is heard. Is it a problem with the software? Would the lag be eliminated in Soundflower? or another app?
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    There's also an app called "LineIn" that I have used as a passthrough, although not extensively. From my experience, it's shaky, but I'd give it a try.
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    Nice thread: I was looking for precisely the same monitor function today and Googled my way here. LineIn is working a treat right now on my Intel Mini, doesn't need much cpu and I'm not spotting any obvious lag though I am only working with audio, not synched A/V.

    Thanks for the tip.
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    I have been spending like a week and a half to figure this out. The only issue I have seen with LineIn is a little bit of static.

    Can I ask what you used to hook your PS2 up to the monitor?

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