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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jrko, Apr 29, 2011.

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    i've had some issues with my macbook charging etc.

    so far apple have:

    -replaced my screen (issue with screen surround dropping down)
    -reconnected wireless wires from screen (were not properly connected when screen replaced)
    -replaced charger (first power issue solution)
    -replaced the battery (still did not solve charging issue)
    -agreed to replace logic board & magsafe board next week.

    thats 6 trips to the applestore in total to get a properly working macbook!!!

    should i just ask for a new macbook? I'm really not convinced of this ones reliability now. Do you think they owe me that much at least?
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    usually it takes three separate major components (hard drive, LCD, DVD drive, logic board, etc) for them to issue a replacement, and even that is a foggy area. I have heard people saying that they really like apple stuff and want to love this, but it has been a disappointing experience, etc. Some apple stores are more "lax" and customer experience hungry and will go further than others.

    as far as not charging goes, what is the status of the battery when you look at it in the system profiler?
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    Apple phoned me and said 'we'll give you a new macbook rather than replace more parts'

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    Awesome!! Glad to hear it.

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