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    The highly anticipated Macbook has been released by Apple. The iBook replacement comes in black or white configurations, depending on price-point.

    1.83 Ghz Core Duo White, $1,099
    -Ships 1-5 Business Days
    -60 GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive
    -Combo Drive

    2.0 Ghz Core Duo White, $1,299
    -Ships 1-5 Business Days
    -60 GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive

    2.0 Ghz Core Duo Black, $1,499
    -Ships 3-7 Business Days
    -80 GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive

    All Models:
    -13 widescreen, 1280x800 display
    -Front Row and Apple Remote
    -Integrated iSight
    -Integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics with 64 MB shared graphics memory
    -mini-DVI with extended display support
    -512MB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300)
    -1 Firewire 400, 2 USB 2.0 ports
    -Gigabit Ethernet
    -Airport Extreme + Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR) Standard

    Other Notes: The iBook G4 and 12" Powerbook G4 have been dropped from the Apple Store.

    All prices in US Dollars
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    Very nice. Love the black :)

    And I don't care about the integrated graphics, so ner!
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    At last! Start the whining...

    As the 12" PB has been dropped this must be the replacement for it too.

    In that case how does the GMA950 compare to what was in the PB?
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    200$ more for the black one ????

    Seriously: Nice update, as expected, on-board graphics is ok, if you want more, get the Pro.
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    Plus larger hdd...
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    It does come with the larger hard drive, but you still pay a premium.
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    integrated graphics


    still, they are pretty tempting. :)
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    that is my thing, it only has an 80GB HDD as extra on it from what i can tell.

    Why isn 't the black iPods more if the black macbook is more
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    The ibook is still avaible for schools to buy.
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    LOL to all those who laughed at my suggestion that low end macbook would be white and high end black!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
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    What's a "glossy" display? Is it like the ones gateway has that shows fingerprints and is more like a mirror? I hope not. A nice upgrade to the iBook though!
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    Finally the wait is over. Students no longer have to shell out extra for a laptop because Apple was a bit slow on getting it out. Good specs too, nice work Apple!
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    integrated graphics for the loss
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    No whining from me. Actually right in line with my expectations. I'll try to get one of these on my Christmas list (my iBook G4 is still working fine, and we're buying a house right now, so it's not an opportune time to drop $1300). Core Duo, Superdrive, 512MB RAM, it's all good.
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    Nice, and all Core Duo.
  16. JCT
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    These look like great entry-level machines -- perfect for students!

  17. EGT
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    Gorgeous looking computer, very very nice. :)
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    Looks :D

    How does the new latch system work?....same as before?

    And the Keyboard is totally new :D
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    I love the overall package. Basically what could be expected. I was a little surprised with the free camera, but I think it's great that they're making that standard now. I'm sure it'll be standard on their Cinema Displays in the coming months, but with the height situation, they're going to have to allow some sort of way to adjust the camera's downward.

    MacBook. I'd like to read it sometime.
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    Anyway, the GMA 950 with Core Duo is MUCH BETTER than the Radeon 9200 with G4...there is no comparison in terms of performance...I would've preferred dedicated GPU, but this is MacBook...the only similar offering from Sony is much more expensive, with a hybrid GPU system...
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    Max on Macs

    Awesome. Price and features were pretty much as expected, though I expected the 2.0GHz one to ave the 80GB hard drive and for them both to be available in black or white at the same price point like the iPods, but still very nice indeed. The black does look rather nice though I'd have to see one in a store before I bought it just because... Well, I have me an MBP, which is what I wanted (and what I'd still choose even witht he MacBook out) but yes, very good offering, good to see Apple got it out. PowerMac and Xserve next!
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    Integrated graphics - I guess thats right for the price point and to keep the lines seperate.

    Extra for black - I really hope that black shell is soemthing special like super scratch resistant or something.

    Glossy screen, that was unexpected.

    All dual core. Tick tock for the low end mini methinks.

    Still mini DVI...

    Optical in/out - nice.

    Gigabit nice.

    A pretty good release.
  23. Cue
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    Does this mean that you cannot connect it to your monitor out of the box?
    I'm interested to know if it supports clamshell mode.

    Either way Im on for it! :D
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    Seriously, the balck looks nice, but not $200 nicer than the white.

    And on top of that in the Pro really worth that much more than the 13" mid level white?

    Good stuff.
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    Bravo - Faster Than Predicted - 800 High - DVI Out - Gigabit Ethernet + $150 Black

    Bravo - Way Faster Than Anyone Predicted and 1280 wide x 800 high. Excellent! :eek: :)

    DVI Out - Gigabit Ethernet. Man this is one hell of a Yonah winner!! :D

    $150 Premium For Black Model. :rolleyes: :(

    120 GB HD in White is $1549

    120 GB HD in Black is $1699

    First Aluminum Fall 2003 15" PowerBooks are 1280 x 854. Pretty good 12" PB replacement.

    Still looking for Spanning capability? Anyone find that yet?

    Educational Prices
    1.83 GHz White 60GB Combo $1049
    2 GHz White 60GB Super $1199
    2 GHz Black 80GB Super $1399

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