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Macrumors Ads.....

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by sethypoo, Jul 21, 2004.

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    I know most of us here on the boards are male, but Arn, please, do we have to have this? :rolleyes: :)

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    Arn does have a way of screening the Ads that are displayed. He requested that he just be notified with the Ad name and a photo, and he could remove it. I would try PMing him. (Because he's pretty busy)

    But I agree.
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    yeah...we've got some youngsters on this thread...I'd rather not have them exposed to this kind of material.

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    lol :D
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    On the topic of ad's, has anyone noticed that the Google ad on the front page has changed it's orentation?
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    I haven't been seeing those ones, but lots of true.com. I don't find them objectionable or anything, but "all our members are paranoid" is a weird premise for a dating service.
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    it's been blocked.

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    Thank you. I know you're pretty busy, so your time taken in fixing this problem is very much appreciated.
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    Arn, what's up with the GAIN ads? I certainly started coming here less during the day because it keeps prompting me to install its spyware (Gator) on my machine. Blech.

    That aside, macrumors is a great site. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.

  11. arn
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    Screenshot, url?

  12. arn
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    think I got rid of it

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    It's still lingering. Just got prompted to install this morning. I suppose it's nothing more than a nuisance since most visitors here know better than to install that garbage. Thanks for checking it out.

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    they're still around and are most annoying. its fine on my mac, but at work i have to use PC and its kinda a pain.

    unrelated subject, why do a lot of pages on MacRumors stall while loading and you have to hit STOP and then REFRESH to get the page loaded? is the server in need of repair?
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    If you are using Safari, open the Activity window (command-option-A) and you should be able to see the URL of the item that is taking too long. I'm not sure what to do about the problem once you know, but that's where to start, because it will tell you which site is stallling. You should see something like "0 bytes of ?" next to the guilty URL. I'm guessing it'll be from an ad site, not from MacRumors itself.
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    I'm betting (no real money) that Tribalfusion's banner ads aren't loading properly, specifically, because when attempting to reach Tribalfusion sometimes, it keeps trying to connect and connect, eventually "timing out," and only then will the rest of the page load. It's not happening to me now, but it's happened to me three times in the past on MacRumors.
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    Dear arn...

    Dear arn,
    You are a god.


    Seriously, I was busy today so I didn't check from work. They have our machines completely locked down so getting a screenshot is no go (they've disabled shift-printscreen). As for URL, it was just the homepage, nothing fancy.

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    Oh... I didn't realize it was the add banners causing those installer windows to pop up. It actually quite lowered my opinion of this site. No web site should run an installer uninvited I don't think. I thought it was MacRumors doing it though, not the adds.
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    well at least we didnt have that talking ad evryone was complaining about at ai.com awhile ago
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    I've been experiencing more frequent "Server is busy" error messages from the forums, than usual. And it's specifically the forums: The home page seems to be able to handle the requests just fine, but methinks that the forums are outgrowing the server. It's just a nuisance now, but as the community grows even larger, I could see it as being a bigger problem.

    Hopefully, the number of Demi-Gods/Goddesses will increase proportionally (or exponentially! :D ) with the growing demands...And hopefully, cheapskates like me who visit and post a lot will find the cash to contribute. ;)

    On second thought, we better just hope for the proportional increase... ;)
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    This was in the thread titled "Free iPod Spam Floods In." Boy do I love targeted ads. :D :rolleyes:

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