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MacRumors not iPhone thread dominated anymore.

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by bbotte, Dec 12, 2008.

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    Anybody else notice this, the Mac Computer threads seem to be out numbering the iPhone threads lately. I remember people complaining about all the iPhone threads about 4-6 Months ago. :)
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    Scarlet Fever

    The number of iPhone-related articles was ridiculous. You wouldn't have ever thought Apple made computers at all. I'm glad to see the hype slowing down.

    This was the US Apple homepage when the 1G iPhone was announced;

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    It'll all kick off again with the next release...
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    question fear

    Oh no, we're down iPhone threads! Somebody prod the iPhone crazies!

    Here are some thread ideas:

    -iPhone on <insert favorite CDMA carrier here>?
    -Dropped iPhone!
    -iPhone or Moto Razr?
    -Does the iPhone have cut n paste?
    -iPhone bit me!
    -That guy's iPhone didn't bite him!

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    Doctor Q

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    People naturally want to talk about whatever is on their minds, and that tends to depend on what they think is coming up next from Apple. The balance of Mac/iPod/iPhone discussions changes over time as it follows people's interests. (Hmmm.... a good idea for a graph!)

    Then again, maybe we need more of those threads by people who accidentally ran over their iPhone with a tractor, and want to know if they should return it and pretend it was broken all along. :p :rolleyes:
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    Surely it would be covered by AppleCare. :D
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    Deal with it. ;)

    It's going to happen starting around May again anyways.
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    new mac, mac discussions
    new iphone, iphone discussions

    im seeing a patern (o_O)

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