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MacWorld NY 2001 Keynote Speech

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jul 18, 2001.

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    Steve Jobs Keynote Speech:

    - Discusses the new Retail stores. 4 more in August. 25 by end of the year.
    - Video of Retail Store
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  3. jMc

    what's he wearing?

    that's all we wanna know...
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    Same old, Same old

    Same old...
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    Fillermaker Rules!!

    Ya, and new way to run the Os 9!!! Virtual PC for Os 10
  6. arn
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    Staff Member


    All the apps look very impressive...

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    how about a final IE?

    I think Microsoft owes us a final version of IE 5 for X. I wonder if that'll happen today.
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    Yup they do owe us that.

    10.1 RULES
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    No way

    I would skip the first day speach, every topic sound so boring, besides, the quicktime option of the apple site doesn't work. I'm under a DSL connection and I can't get anything. Mmmm, got to work.
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    10.1 September?!

    10.1 September?

    Welp, it looks like I'll be 9.1ing it for a while (9.2?)

    let's face it, 10.0.4 is unusably slow and its DHCP support is even slopier than 9.1's.

    Oh well.
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    1.7Ghz Pentium 4 just sucked the pipe with Cleaner 5... omg.
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    What do you mean?
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    the 1.7Ghz Pentium 4 just got SMOKED by the G4... Apple should use this stuff in it's advertising somehow beyond the regular line chart stuff...

    G4 is 80% faster...
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    darn, and i'm missing it. why do i hafta sit behind a firewall.
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    change your streaming transport to Http...
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    Re: Same old, Same old

    I can't believe the imac is the same old. Too bad I own stock in the company. Watch it drop.
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    hasn't finished yet.
    But I don't like the Silver whatsit.
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    nope, i've tried everything.

    when it comes to ethernet and streaming, there is no logic whatsoever.
  19. Guest


    What is Apple thinking.... They had to update the iMac this time. They are blowing it big time.
  20. Guest

    Its over.....

    its over for me.

    I can see no positive in this.

    no new imacs - nothing even vaguely tempting. OSX - yet more wait....no one buys a computer now for use in 3 months, so why should us apple users.

    A LAME g4 makeover - was it really much of a makeover? I was REALLy hoping those shots were fakes, but obviously not. Has Ives been on holiday?

    and seriously - say what you like, but 867 mhz for what will be over 2000 uk pounds will not cut it for me. dual 800 mhz? great. but HOW much?? I have no desire for a 1 hour dvd burner - Im not sure many of us do at the moment - not unless we are secretley all home pornograhers - theres only so many holiday movies a person needs.....and for this money Id expect a gf3 not an old bargain bucket gf2.

    And oh no - ANOTHER g4 v p4 demo - but this is even worse - theres not even photoshop to use! A p4 smoker? oh..purlease! :mad:

    Im sorry , but AAPL has been taking tiny technological steps in the last few years - I was prepared to buy its products at a premium for its innovative design. It has a potentially GREAT OS, but its hamstrung by some truly unispiring and damned expensive kit.
  21. Guest

    where are the lcd iMacs? how stupid can they get?
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    Shipping Dates??????????

    Arrrrrrrrrgh! My quicktime paused out right when Steve was getting ready to announce shipping dates for the new G4's -- and you haven't posted them online yet! I'm dying here --

    Throw me a bone!

    When is the Dual 800 shipping?
  23. arn
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    Staff Member

    watch what you ask for..

    no one really wants realistic LCD imacs...

    everyone wants $999 LCD imacs. I bet if Apple released a $1700 LCD imac, people would be bitching up a storm.

  24. arn
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    Staff Member

    duals in August. (main page should be updated).

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    Okay, so far everything has sucked to high heaven, but the keynote's not over. Steve's gotta have some kind of rabbit in his hat.

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