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MagicPad free

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by TheZimm, Dec 12, 2008.

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    awesome thanks :)
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    free is the best price of all. hopefully apple will allow some integration with some of its own apps. safari, mail, you get it.
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    Got it, thanks for the head up OP.
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    Thank you :)
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    OK, may be having a dim moment here but I don't actually get the advantage here. Yes Magic Pad offers copy paste but only within Magic Pad. It's not like you can copy into MP or out of MP so all you're doing is copying from one note to another. Where's the benefit in that?
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    if you cant see any benefit then we're not going to tell you.
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    Ha! Then you can't see it either.
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    Nice...can't wait to give this a spin. Many thx!
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    free is the greatest price =]. And I believe you can export to mail, but can't use it in mail. Hopefully apple stops being so up tight. And the point is that you can now create things such as short papers or essays in it. I will use it for creating posts on my site[please check it out =]]. It's much easier with copy, paste and rich text.

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    I snagged this for free too. Can't go wrong. I think all this app amounts to is a developer displaying their cut n' paste solution, hoping that this idea will be picked up by Apple if it becomes popular enough.
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    If they incorporate pastebud then itd be better, IMO

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    They could easily put a browser within this app. I have other apps that have their own browser (but, it does seem redundant. But, when Apple wants to be restrictive, this is what you have to do).
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    They need to put that and landscape in it, and I'll be real happy =]

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    They also have to put the option of activating autocorrect on it. My typing suffers a great deal without it.

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