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Mail.app not play sound when have new mail

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by Hasn'tbeensober, Jan 8, 2013.

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    I did checked on my setting and everything is corrected but still doesn't work.
    Any help is greatly appreciate
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    Which OS X version are you running and is it up to date? I had this little glitch for a while in Snow Leopard after an update. It's working again after another OS X update.
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    I had late 2012 iMac running ML
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    Hi again :)

    I had a look at the Apple Support boards and this is a known issue in Mountain Lion with an Apple Bug Tracking ID. People have been complaining since at least last August. --And it sounds like it happens after the Mac wakes from sleep, --yours too? Some people have suggested doing a PRAM reset but that's only temporary for maybe a week. Others have suggested tweaking coreaudiod files --but when that works it's only temporary too, --and has unleashed (bizarrely) in some cases, a backlogged flood of loud Mail pings.

    So sorry, no help yet. :(
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    Thank you CrickettGrrrl!
    I had look at apple support also and check around and you are right!
    it's a known problem for mail, some one did recommended to turn off push mail by uncheck "IDLE" but my is gray out
    Still try to figure it out why it is gray out.:confused:
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    Hi! Thanks for the memory-nudge, I forgot I tried that myself last year. Turning off push mail and unchecking IDLE was what I tried initially when I lost the ping sound in Snow Leopard --I read that tip on OS X Daily, I think. It only worked for the first couple days or so and then reverted, so I really wouldn't bother with it. --Just like the others noted on the Apple Support boards, these various tweaks are all just temporary. I see on the MR front page that OS X 10.8.3 Beta has been seeded, so hopefully, it may have a fix for this little annoyance. (Fingers crossed.)

    I have Mountain Lion on another partition which I don't use as often as SL--and I don't use Mail in there so I can focus. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mail ping isn't working for me too, --I just haven't noticed. :rolleyes:

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