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Mail Notification MenuBar?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by fletch33, Sep 10, 2011.

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    sorry if this is answered on here but i didnt find it.

    i am often in Linux via Parallels on my 2011 Air where i will keep Skype, IM, etc.. running on the Linux side but dont want to setup any mail apps on there and since i can simply cursor up to see the menu bar i was wondering if there is a way to get notifications in the menu bar. this way i could simply hit it which will get me back to OSX then go back after i have read it.

    GROWL is not the answer though looking for either a menu bar notification or any other ideas from people that use Linux via VM.

    thanks for any tips :)
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    I'm not sure if the free version has it, but the full version of Sparrow on the App Store has a menu bar icon that shows unread count.
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    I use Mail Unread Menu and it seems to work well.
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    Does your mail app have to be open/run for the menu bar to work?
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    leaving Mail open would be fine.

    looking at mail unread menu now.

    realized this may have belonged in apps section sorry. thought maybe it was in Lion and i just didnt see it.
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    Mail Unread Menu doesn't seem to work with Lion.
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    Agreed, I tried it and it kept giving wrong readouts. I'm currently using Herald, granted, it doesn't give the menu bar notifications, but it offers unobtrusive popups where you can delete, forward, reply, etc the new mail without having to open your mail application. It's also very customizable, I highly recommend it.
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    i found a nice solution with an app called "Got Mail" in the App Store.

    thanks for all your help.
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    Wow, thanks for mentioning Herald. It's almost perfect (just wish you could move message to a folder).
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    Another vote for Herald from me. What a great plugin and it's free! It's like the outlook style mail notifications that Mail should have built-in.
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    Dale Sorel

    Mail Unread Menu has had a couple of upgrades for Lion and is working fine on my iMac (running Lion).

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