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Mail on the iPod touch?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by levitynyc, Sep 5, 2007.

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    I didnt see a mail App. Why wouldn't there be a mail app on it?
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    Because then it would be 80% iPhone, and Apple doesn't not want it to lose sales. Just use a web-based mail app like Yahoo or Gmail.... on the web! The new iPod Touch has wifi, so you shouldnt worry about it.
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    I use Gmail on my Mac... It is awesome!
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    It would be REALLY nice to have Mail.app on the iPod touch. It's a lot better than using a web-based email service in Safari. I'm guessing since the iPhone and iPod touch both run the same version of mobile Mac OS X, someone should be able to "hack" the iPod touch so that it can run the iPhone's Mail.app (in addition to the already-made 3rd-party apps made for the iPhone).
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    The Touch IS an Iphone without a phone. I just dont like the idea they are purposely crippling the device by not including apps that can easily be put on it.
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    It's nothing to do with the iPhone, it's about keeping it simple. There is a reason for the Mail application on the iPhone, because wherever you are you have access to your Mail. On the iPod touch you are only connected to the net in WiFi areas. Having a Mail application would be useless for most of the time.

    Like everyone else I'm bummed about not having mail.app, but I'm so overwhelmed by Safari, 16GB of storage, a touch screen, and 8mm that I couldn't care about wanting more on the iPod touch right now!
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    Also remember that it stores the mail messages. Just because you don't have wifi access doesn't make the app useless... it just isn't able to update.
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    Ah, good point. Still isn't a dealbreaker for me personally.

    (Though if you've seen my other posts, you'll notice the lack of 10.3 support IS a dealbreaker for me!)
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    That is like saying "Aww man, I can't use my Zune with Windows 98!"

    I mean come on... Leopard is coming out next month... If you can afford a new iPod touch you should be able to afford a new OS.
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    I really hope the hackers are going to get to this as enthusiastically as to the iPhone and get 3rd party apps on this as soon as it comes out.. IM, Mail and other things would be just great, can't wait for the reports on this in a months time.
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    actually, it doesn't. It only caches a small amount of mail. Anyone with an iPhone will tell you this, followed buy a long sigh.

    FART IT UP!:apple:
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    BTW why wouldn't Apple release a dev kit for the iPod touch? It is not connected to a GSM network, which was the main (?) reason Apple supplied for iPhone not having one.. Maybe WWDC 08?
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    If both devices use same OS-X Mobile, then it should be possible to cut some code from the iPhone and running it on the Touch. Possible?
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    Would I be supposing correct in that the online .Mac web mail would work on the iPod touch?, if so this would be the perfect replacement for my Palm Zire 72, because it has Pictures, Video, and Movie, iTunes syncing capability, and calendar and contacts features. I know it can't take pictures that the 72 can, but I don't care...

    This is what I hope to be getting soon..

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