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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by JzzTrump22, Aug 12, 2004.

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    I have yet to set up my mail account on my mac. What am i supposed to put for the incomming and outgoing servers? I know it's supposed to be a POP.
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    I also forgot to mention my parents have an emial account setup in microsoft outloo/express on the windows machines that end with
    The problem is it is a POP3. I am only seeing a POP on the mail setup options. So any help?
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    First "POP" and "POP3" are the same thing. I can't really tell what you have to fill in, but usally it's either mail.provider.com (or .org/.net) or pop. provider.com.
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    OS X gives you the option of importing your mail settings.


    Look at:


    for your old email account settings and use the same POP and SMTP settings from there. User name and password in the obvious place...it will walk you through the setup.
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    Well i was planning on making a new account. My parents account is ****@optonline.net
    Say i wanted to make a new one. Would it also be @optonline net because that is the service provider (optimum online).

    I just found out the incomming and outgoing servers are both the same

    I want to make my own account to foward my college mail to because the college said bad things happen to fowarded email when it goes to hotmail which is what i have now. So i want to make a real mail account.
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    I see that Optimum Online offers 5 separate e-mail addresses per subscription.

    "You can add up to 4 additional sub-account e-mail addresses by going to our Optimum Online Account Management system. Enter your primary e-mail name and password where prompted, and follow the instructions to add additional mailboxes."

    Yes, they will also be @optonline.net adresses (most likely).
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    i have been trying to set up a mail account for my yahoo email address. it always says that it cant connect to the incoming and outgoing mail servers. can someone tell me what these are for yahoo accounts?
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    Did you pay for POP service with yahoo? Because POP won't work if you're just using a free yahoo email account.
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    As Gecko noted, you will have to create an account through optonline first. You cannot just enter the information in Mail.app and suddenly have an email account.
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    so i cant use mail then if im using a free account?
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    I don't believe so. You have to pay yahoo to use their POP service. See Yahoo Mail+:

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    can someone reccomend a good free pop email service?
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    Does anyone have a link to the optimum website where you could add email accounts?
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    Ok thanks for the help. I managed to get my e-mail working successfully on my mac.

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