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Mainpage encoding is wrong

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Palad1, Oct 14, 2004.

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    I use safari and firefox both on Mac and PC (well, not safari of course:) ) and I sometimes notice strange characters (white on black diamonds with a question mark inside) on the front page.

    Seems like the html headers declare that the encoding is UTF-8, but it actually seems to be ISO-8859-1, as the artefacts go away when I force this encoding.

    Thanks for your work on the site,
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    I get those shapes on Firefox under Win 2k... so at least your not crazy... in this instance... :)
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    I looked deeper into the site and it seems that the forum uses iso8859-1 , whereas the main site uses UTF-8.

    So when the main site includes subject lines from the forums, all hell breaks loose.

    It's just a matter of translating from the forums encoding into the main site encoding. You can do this by calling the php function utf8_encode (see here: http://fr2.php.net/manual/en/function.utf8-encode.php )

    I guess switching the forums over to utf-8 is just too much work, altough it'd be nice for our korean friends :)
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    Thanks for the info - we'll look into it :)
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    Maybe related but when i click on a posting from the main page and then click back to the home page the font changes.

    Never happens with any other web-site.

    Win 2000 Pro
    Win Ex 6.02
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    Good sleuthing - I'll follow up with the folks who can change those settings and we'll see what we can do.
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    Sleuthing - That's what tiggers do best!
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    Bien sûr. ;)
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    Why do you say that? I don't seem to have any problem. (Unless you mean typing in Hangul.)

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    yup, that's what I meant :)
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    Although reported twice after this thread in 2005, this is still a bug that I came across today (after 4.5 years!). Looks like it's the same too - the forum text is ISO 8859-1 (ISO Latin 1) but the front page is set to UTF-8. Manually overriding the encoding in both Safari and Firefox fixes it.

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    I get the same thing too sometimes. I always thought it was just a Firefox bug.

    Do you want us to post here if we see the same thing again? (with browser version and webpage / post URL?
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    I don't think it's necessary. It's a recurring bug that will continue to show up until it's fixed. It's an encoding issue with the text, not browser/OS.
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    I've seen this issue too on occasion.
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    Character Encoding of MacRumors.com

    Hi guys,

    I have to use a PC at work :mad: and whenever I see items with quotation marks, Firefox at least gives it the unknown Unicode character symbol. I have tried several different encodings to no avail.

    What am missing? Can something be done to correct this, as this is pretty much the only site I have seen in a long while where I get unknown character symbols (I even installed all of the foreign language packs just so I don't get unknown char/boxes/weird symbols!)

    isn’t ​

    I hope copy/paste will actually work.

    On a side note, you guys should register MacRumours.com and redirect it here.



    PS- After posting it seemed copy/pasting "corrected" the issue at hand, however, on the main page view I get the problem using FF. I haven't checked yet using IE, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

    PPS- In fact I haven't even been to this site on my Mac since I do all of my reading at work where I have more "downtime"! ;-)
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    I believe MacRumors uses UTF-8. If your browser is set to something other than Unicode (UTF-8) for MacRumors, that may explain the character problems.
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    I am indeed using UTF-8.

    Character Encoding Settings

    Example of the problem at hand
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    Previous Thread Locked For No Reason

    I was brought to this thread and apparently the mods thought it fit to lock it in a unresolved state. Which I think is unfair and was done with too much haste and with the lack of thought.

    Regardless, I will add to this thread instead.


    Changing the character encoding to ISO-1859-1 did jack squat.


    However, not all quotes seem to have the problem, regardless of their character encodings.
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    ^^^Yeah, that's a problem with pasting curly quotes and apostrophes. We usually fix them, but sometimes they slip through.

    That one should be fixed now.

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