Major networking problem between PC and Mac - HELP!

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by bsmith6470, Aug 28, 2012.

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    This is my first post. After searching the web for the last 2 days, I am turning to the community. I have a Mac based network in the office using OSX Server 10.3. All of the Macs (running no less than OSX 10.6) can see each other and share files. I have 2 Windows Vista machines that I had setup a mapped network drive to access files on the OSX Server. Both machines had worked for well over a year. I found out the other day, they no longer will connect to the mapped drive.

    Both machines have had the registry modified to change the LOCAL MACHINE/LSA/LM Compatibility to 1. This is what made it work the first time around. I can ping from PC to Mac and from Mac to PC just fine. OSX Server is set to the same workgroup. I have uninstalled the McAfee software on one of the PCs to no avail. Every time I try to map the same drive I get a cannot connect error. If I browse the network, the only things that show up are the 2 Vista machines. If I browse from the Mac side, only the Macs show up.

    If I enter the SMB address in to the connect to server box on the Mac, it connects. If I try to enter an address of one of the Macs on the PC, I get the same cannot connect error. 0x80070035, network path not found.

    Another weird thing is I can no longer print from either of the PCs to the network printers.

    I am stumped. Like I said, it has been working for well over a year. I suspect it is something in the OSX Server, but can't find anything that makes it work or there was some update to Vista that has hosed something up. Both machines are set to auto update.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is samba (smbd) running on the server?

    I've never run OS X server so I can't be much help, but the daemon would have to be running for this to work at all.

    the Macs are probably using AFP to connect to the shared drive instead of SMB/CIFS, but you could test this using smbclient from one of the 10.6 Macs. 10.7 removed samba.

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    I will go check the server now to see if SMB is running. My guess is that it is as this had been working perfectly.
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    I've seen cases where samba (on Linux) would stop running because of something silly, like a full log filesystem.

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    The server is set to SMB enabled. The sharepoint is also shared and set to allow SMB connections.


    I am changing my thoughts on it being an issue with OSX Server as I can't see any of the Macs that are set to allow SMB and set to the same workgroup. Baffling.
  6. bsmith6470, Aug 28, 2012
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    I also tried entering the IP for the server in the map network drive box. No luck. It gives me a login failed error. I tried the user/pass for the share as well as the server itself.

    EDIT: I did try just for giggles to map a drive from the other PC that does show up. That worked no problem.
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    Let me ask a couple of questions
    1) When you are entering the smb address on the mac Is it smb://Server IP/Share name (if applicable) or smb://Server NAME/Share name (if applicable) or are you using some other syntax

    2) You can no longer print to the network printers. What brand/ model are they, do they have static ip's ,

    3) Do you have a WINS server running? And most importantly, Is the DNS resolving on the server correctly

    If you can access the smb share from the mac using the proper smb syntax, I would start with the firewall and virus protection on the Vista Machines. I have seen cases where uninstalling McAffee the Mcaffee firewall is still running even though the program is supposed to be uninstalled. Go and get McAffee's tool to remove all the components I think it is called MCPR.exe and make sure in the Vista Network settings that everything is discoverable ie NOT a public network.
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    1. smb://ip adress - this works
    2. Yes they have static ips. A mix of Xerox and HP
    3. No WINS server.

    I will try the McAfee remove tool. The network both Vista machines is set to private. All is discoverable.

    As I stated, this all worked perfectly for over a year.
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    Ran the McAfee remove tool. No effect. I still can't see Macs from the PC and can't see the PC from the Mac. I can connect to the PC using the SMB address.

    I cannot connect to a mac using the ip address.
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    Maybe a silly question but have you tried to restart the server once??


    Another thing is how does it check credentials, does it run OD server?
    Are the users on the vista machines the same as the ones on the server have you tried reset the passwords already. To me it sounds like an access denied user based.
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    Yes. This server get restarted numerous times throughout the year.

    To answer the other question. I can't connect directly to any of the macs OR the server. It's like there is nothing there even though I can ping them from the CMD prompt. I can also do NET VIEW and see details. Just can't connect to them or map a drive. No Mac computer shows up as part of the work group WORKGROUP. I even tried changing the work group name on both.

    What ever is the issues, it affected both of the Vista machines at the same time.
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    Perhaps the Vista machines got an update as of a service pack or so.
    Anyway network probably does not show anything other than the windows machines that is quite normal. The thing is though, if you type: \\server whereas server is your severname or \\ipserver should list it's shares(this is of course on the vista machines. If the ipserver works but server not you could try : \\server.local.
  13. eschw95458, Aug 29, 2012
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    And what about the DNS on the OSx server is it resolving? And one other question, what is connecting these machines together, switch (what type and how many?) or router. Have you restarted the switches and router(s)
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    I believe the server is resolving DNS. How would I check to be sure? The server is not issuing any internal IP addresses on the network. Every machine has a static IP and the internet is served from a Comcast Business Gateway. But that has no effect on the rest of the network. I can remove it and still get to all the machines, the Macs anyway. :)

    All machines are connected to each other and the internet via 2 unmanaged switches. Router has been restarted many times. I haven't restarted the switches lately, but I am sure they have been restarted in the last 6 months. All machines can get out to the internet, can ping each other in both directions, and do net view just fine. All macs can see and connect to each other and all pcs can see and connect to each other.

    What I can't do is print from the Vista machines and see/connect to any mac in the building, including the server.

    Someone mentioned maybe there was a Vista update that came through and screwed something up. I am leaning in this direction. The common denominator is always the Vista boxes.
  15. eschw95458, Aug 30, 2012
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    I agree that the Vista machines seem to be the best place to start, but you have a lot going on
    It's been my experience with 10.3 server that most of my problems with the server start with the DNS which is why I asked about it. Many programs on the server won't run properly without it if at all. To check the DNS goto a mac machine then Utilities folder and open the network utility. Goto lookup tab and enter the ip address for the server (I think you might even be able to do this on the server, but its been awhile since I have done this ) Then choose Canonical Name and hit Lookup button. It should return the name of the server, you should also be able to put in the name of the server and pick internet address and it should give it to you.
    Now, with the lack of a wins server ( this is how windows machines find each others names ) one of the Vista machines will promote itself to Master Browser. Now lets say that happened a year ago and recently someone brought their new laptop with Win7 to the office, well as soon as it gets on the network, its going to force an election and then promote itself to the new master browser and in doing so may have reset your registry hack on the Vista Machines to a higher security level ( I am just taking a WILD guess here ) That might explain the server share, but still to me doesn't explain why they are not printing. Do you direct ip print to the printers or through the server??
    You didn't say if you rechecked the reg hack on the Vista machines??
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    Ok. If I lookup canonical name, this is I get.

    Lookup has started…

    ; <<>> DiG 9.6-ESV-R4-P3 <<>> -x cname +multiline +nocomments +nocmd +noquestion +nostats +search
    ;; global options: +cmd

    If I start with the name, this is what I get.

    Lookup has started…

    ; <<>> DiG 9.6-ESV-R4-P3 <<>> Production 1 a +multiline +nocomments +nocmd +noquestion +nostats +search
    ;; global options: +cmd
    . 10800 IN SOA (
    2012083100 ; serial
    1800 ; refresh (30 minutes)
    900 ; retry (15 minutes)
    604800 ; expire (1 week)
    86400 ; minimum (1 day)

    There has been no other PCs added to the network. And yes, I did check the registry. That was the first thing I did.

    I reinstalled the printers on one Vista machine. As of last night it could print.
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    I did some poking around and figured out that DNS has never been running. I turned on DNS and nothing changed. Yet this all worked in the past. This machine that is running OSX Server 10.3 is doing nothing more that letting us connect to an internal drive that is shared on the network. This machine serves no other purpose. All internet access is done through the Comcast gateway.

    I went back to the Vista machine and tried again, using the computer name I got from the Windows section on the OSX server machine. When I try to connect, it fails, I click diagnose and it says PRODUCTIONSERVE is not a valid hostname.
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    WINS isn't used for Vista and on. DNS is used only for finding things on the network by name and address.

    Sometimes it's good to go back to the basics when things just don't work.

    Are you using private addressing on your network. Are there any duplicate addresses. Are the subnet masks correct. Are all of the addresses in the same subnet. Does the switch support firewall type technology, could it be blocking certain types of traffic. Who else has access to the machines and the server, could someone have tried to 'help' and muck in things and cause the problem.

    Usually things don't just 'break' without some help, and it's very easy to overlook the basics and miss something. It is possible that a Vista update could be hammering your network. There have been a number of security related updates for 7, and I'd imagine for Vista too.
  20. bsmith6470, Sep 7, 2012
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    No private addressing. All subnets correct. No firewall issues. Since both Vista machines suffered the same malady at the same time, I am still convinced it is a Vista problem. I can ping everything in both directions and can connect from the Mac to the PC, just can't connect from the PC TO the Mac.
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    Have tried a few other things to no avail. Still don't know what to try with DNS. I started the service on the server and it made no difference. I don't believe it has ever been turned on, but this all worked.

    Thank you all for help. Rack this one up to unsolvable. :confused:
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    Have you seen this thread from Microsoft? that refers to networking two Windows systems, but has information for configuring them to allow for access... It might help.

    My experience has been that 7 has a much higher level of security granularity and it's hard to work through and around some of it. I understand it, but they have made it harder for people to be 'productive' and 'get things done' with their product... But anyway, that's life in the 'Windows World'...
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    Thanks for the links, but after reading through them, they don't apply. Each Vista machine can see the other and other PCs on the network. I can't see or connect to the Macs on the network, including the server.
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    But you would be surprised how many times fixes for one OS actually work on others. I just applied a patch to a 2008 server that was for Windows Vista to fix a backup issue, and it worked... It's a different world in the land or Windows at times...

    Good luck...
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    Well that's just the thing, there is nothing to fix on the Vista to Vista interaction. Everything there works as intended.

    @eschw95458 any thoughts on the DNS issue?

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