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making a backup of Leopard retail...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VanneDC, Jun 30, 2011.

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    yeah yeah, i know, i know... but its not for someone else.. I have the retail version of Leopard, nice box and all. :) anyhows, i just noticed the disk is starting to get quite a few scratches on it, and ive tried making a backup for my own use, but i have never succeeded... ive used toast and even apples own built in utilities.. and still no joy.. Ive wasted a bunch of DL blanks, and have not got one good disk...

    anyone know how to do it? as i said, its for my own usage, not for piracy etc...

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    Have you tried making a cdmaster disk image using Disk Utility? That works for me, even the Windows discs.
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    i dont have a drama making a image, but it wont burn correctly... it will say "burn succeeded", but wont let me boot from it afterwards...
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    It does not show up in the hold down "Option" bootloader?
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    thats correct, it doesnt show up in the boot loader after holding down "Option".. The disc btw will show its icons and contents when on the desktop, just cant boot from it...

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    Make a disk image and then burn the disk image to a DVD. Thats what I have always done in the past to backup the OS X disks I buy. They boot just like the original.

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