Making Incoming call pictures small?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dieseltwitch, Sep 4, 2008.

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    I know how to make them show up full screen when some one calls. how do you go the other way? i just want the small picture.
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    a do you make them show up full screen?
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    I can't test this...

    but all my contacts that have small pictures are the ones where i have used their AIM icons in the address book.

    I would assume you just assign a much smaller "thumb" size picture in your address book and sync to iPhone.
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    Small White Car

    If you take a photo with the phone and add it to the contact on the iPhone, you get big pictures.

    If you add a picture to the contact on the computer, and then sync to the phone, you get the small picture.

    Why Address Book and the iPhone don't work with contact photos the same way is anyone's guess, but there it is. HOW you add a photo to a contact determines the size. There's not other way to change that.

    I consider this pretty stupid, by the way.
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    Cuz alot of my contacts are companies and not people. so i just like it them to be smaller.

    To make a contact photo show up large and fill the screen simply edit the photo on the phone and then save it. dont move it or any thing just go into edit mode and then back out.
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    What do you mean smaller though? Just like a little square in the middle of the screen?
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    Apple Ink

    Heh.... about 2 years iPhone user and I'm still learning!

    Guess thats cuz I always add pics to my address book rather than iPhone!
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    no i mean smaller as in the upper right of the screen
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    Think you need to add the photo in address book on a mac or outlook on a pc, then sync it. It should be thumbnail sizes on the iPhone then.
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    Small White Car


    Here are 2 samples, for those of you who only know 1 method.

    The Star Trek bridge is my wallpaper. The man and the lizard are the 2 sample contacts. Lizard was taken by iPhone and added to the contact right on the phone. The man was added to Apple Address Book and synced to the phone.

    I only use the Address Book method as I greatly prefer it.

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    Interesting - I did not know this.
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    I have been trying to figure out the past few days why some contacts show up as the small picture and some show up as the big picture - now I know.
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    Well slap my pickle, you learn something new everyday! I'll keep this in mind because I too like the smaller thumb-sized photo rather than the wallpaper sized one. :)
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    Yep, I prefer the smaller photo as well.
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    while we are at this topic
    recently I was assigning pictures to my Windows Contacts (Vista)
    Since I didn't realize these are supposed to be small, I assigned 800 X600 images to a few contacts and synced via iTunes
    Back on iPhone, when I browsed throught Contacts, it froze everytime I selected a contact having those photos ....
    in fact had to reboot every other time
    So I took out the pictures from Windows Contacts and re-synced
    And assigned pics from iPhone itself, all good now

    has anybody encountered something similar?
    I am not sure if I should assign pics from PC anymore (even smaller ones)
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    Interesting - what I read here is exactly what I thought was the case - i.e. that photos added on the phone show up as big, whereas photos added on the Mac show up small. Until today, that is, when I got an incoming call from a company - I added the company logo on my Mac address book yesterday - and the picture showed up big. Which seems to contradict the theory. Maybe it has something to do with file types or file sizes instead, which is why it "appears" to be related to whether the picture is added on the phone or mac (i.e. because all photos added on the phone conform to the standard required to make it a big pic).

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