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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by jcorbin, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I have my iCloud set to sync hourly. Could I save any battery life by turning it to manual?
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    Yes but remember to go check it so you don't miss important emails :p
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    Yeah, and if you aren't an email-centric person definitely do it anyways.
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    why fetch, when u can push?
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    Could anybody tell me, please, what is the difference between push and fetch?
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    Push: Some servers will send emails when ready and "force" it to your device.

    Fetch: You ask the server for the email data and don't except a Push. You can have Fetch setup to automatically (at certain intervals) or manually get your emails.

    If you set Fetch for Every 15 minutes this of course hit your batt the hardest (unless you are a SUPER heavy email user set to Push). If you do it manually and only check your email a couple of times a day then this saves the most batt.
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    Stop worrying about the battery and just enjoy.
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    Totally. Buy a Mophie and let your battery woes fade away into the abyss.
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    Try reading the OP again. The why is in the OP's question.
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    That's cause the op said iCloud, and you can push
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    I really don't understand why anyone wouldn't use push when available.
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    I wonder the opposite. Why would I want to let emails dictate my behavior? I am an avid email user but honestly, I control when I get my emails and read them and reply. I have zero interest in having my phone ping me anytime an email is sent to me.

    I have my settings to manual and check emails in the early morning, just before lunch, sometimes mid afternoon and then again late in the day. Each time I selectively reply at that same time. Otherwise, I tend to reserve the majority of my replies for either late morning or late afternoon.

    If it's urgent, call me; but understand that my day has an agenda and email isn't going to drive my behavior.
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    In my case, because I don't want the phone going off all night when I'm trying to sleep.
    Looking forward to the "Do Not Disturb" function in iOS6 :)

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