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Math support

Discussion in 'Mac Guides' started by Eraserhead, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I thought as Grapher is so complex and functional if you know what you are doing that it's worth creating a guide, it's not great so far but using the math mode button at the top I don't get equations, (which are kinda needed for this topic ;) ) can we get math support added please?
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    Or Matlab would be good. Never knew this function existed, i will stay with MAtlab but thanks for making me aware this exists........
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    There are alot of keyboard shortcuts for Greek letter that are helpful in graphing

    For example pi is (Alt/Option)+(P)
    square root is (alt/option)+(V)
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    Matlab's graphs aren't as pretty ;). (and are sometimes less smooth).

    I need math support so the typed equations look like they do on wikipedia (I have copied them from wikipedia so I'm pretty sure the syntax is correct.), otherwise reading the page requires knowledge of LaTeX which makes it much less useful.
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    Added, those are really useful!

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