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Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by macboy, Feb 17, 2002.

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    free version o_0
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    ya free. there web site says Feb 2002
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    Ensign Paris

    Probably Feb then, I would try E-mailing them
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    they rule :D :D
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    how can they afford a free Maya?

  8. arn
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    It's a learning edition - so it'll have watermarks on final images and won't be able to use 3rd party plugins I believe...

    details are on the site...

    basically, it lets you practice on it...

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    Maya PLE is a great way for people to get a chance to use the program who normally wouldn't want to pay some 6g's for Complete.

    On a side note, I hear that you can't save out to industry standard file formats, so you're limited to saving out in a proprietary PLE format. Bummer... No rendering on a paid seat...
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    An even better question is:

    When is Maya 4.0 coming out for the Mac. Its at 3.5 and everyone else is 4!
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    Sweet as heck.

    Even though you can't render perfect images, this is still a great deal. I can't wait to get my hands on this program and try it out. I heard it was unbelievable.

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    how much HD space would it take up?

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    2-300 MB for the basic install. but i'm not quite sure on the numbers...
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    Believe me this program is unreal, even after doing some pretty simple tutorials you can do some pretty funky stuff. It is a shame that you can't use NURBS or animation as some of that stuff is amazing!!! Highly worth the d/l.

    welcome to the world of 3D
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    say what?

    Um, do you mean on the free version? cause you CAN use NURBS and animation in maya. Also, this free version is cool, but its only part of an older version. I wish they'd release Maya 4 for OSX. Any news on that?
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    i think thirdeg meant no nurbs in the free version
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    Do not get too exited with Maya yet if you haven't touch it, this is not Flash, this is something more than a software.

    When I was using Alias Power Animator the world turn so big, one simple tool have more functions than Photoshop and they control the imaginable. I have a lot of respect for that kind of 3D software. Is the difference of flying a remote control plane to the space shuttle.

    I may put my hand on Maya but I won't spend time learning everything again, you need to be The Animator to understand most of the concepts and then you will realize the you know nothing about animation, that you should be animating 3D sice you were 5 years old and forget about family and friends, just animation... I couldn't do that sacrify. This life is for family and friends, next one for animation.

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