MB Air: Doesn't it tip over?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by weg, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. weg
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    There's one thing I've been wondering about from the first moment I saw the MB Air: Given the form factor and its weight, doesn't it tip over when you rest your palms on it while typing? (is there anybody who has hands on experience?)
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    When I played around with it, nothing of the sort happened. It looks very curvature and wedge-shaped, but the base is very level and sturdy.
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    LOL. I clicked on this thread wondering if you meant it might topple over in an earthquake :D
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    If that was his initial question, no. The MBA has flying capabilities. In the event of an earth quake, the MBA leaps into the air and hovers until the quake is over.
  5. weg
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    Yeah, that's the other thing I wanted to ask. Given the form factor and the weight, how well does it fly, compared to a frisbee, for instance? (Early adopters: Could one of you post a video on youtube?)
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    you can't film the MBA, its beyond filming

    it turns invisible because of how thin it is
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    I heard it's so thin that it negates air resistance, so if you throw it, it goes right round the Earth and eventually hits you on the back of the head.
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    i think Apple would of noticed if it did. :rolleyes:
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    Hey guys, I accidentally tripped on my way out today, and my MBA fell into orbit! Is there any way I can get it back!? :(

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    The logic board is under the top 2/3 of the keyboard, the rest is battery. A perfect counter-balance for the extra thin and light screen at no matter what angle.
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    With a name that ends in Air, it has to be good. (Willard Scott voice)

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