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MBA Build to Order Options

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hellomms, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. hellomms, Oct 24, 2012
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    13" rMBP is a disappointment - IMHO. Thinking of getting MBA instead (my first Mac). Not sure what configuration I should go for - primarily to get 3-4 good performance years out of it. Here are the options:

    - upgrade base to i7 and 8gb ram ~ $1699
    - upgrade base to i7 only ~ $1599
    - upgrade base to 8gb ram only ~ $1299
    - don't upgrade and get 4gb w/ i5 base (as it may be an obsolete in 3 years) ~ $1199

    PS: I don't plan to play games, I would be using it for studying and general computing, browsing, etc. though I had heard that the new OSX was causing some lag in certain MacBooks.
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    Base to 8gb if you want to future proof although 4gb shoud be more than adequate for browsing and general computing.
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    Upgrade base to 8gb RAM - 1299$
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    I'm in college and want to carry light. First macbook and currently using a 11" netbook. I just ordered the 13" 2.8 i5 8gb/128ssd.
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    Oops. The air I ordered. Rmbp is too much to pay since I'm in college.
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    Air max out at 2.0GHZ...not 2.8
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    Ahh, that makes more sense
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    I got the 1.8ghz. Sorry for the typo.
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    Just ordered the base with 8gb RAM. It seems to increase delivery time by a week?
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    In order of priority I would say:

    1) Increase RAM to 8Gb

    2) Increase SSD to 256Gb

    3) Increase CPU to 2Ghz i7

    The CPU bump is probably the least important for most people. I went for all three, though :D


    Its worth it
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    I know! Although those upgrades are expensive! :). That's why I only upgraded the ram. So just to save some bucks I'll have to do with 128gb - thank god for Dropbox :)
  13. oxfordguy, Oct 25, 2012
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    Indeed, and at least with the 2012 MBA you can connect external discs with USB 3.0, which is *way* faster than USB 2.0. The RAM is not possible to extend at all, though, so is the priority over SSD capacity, if you have to make a choice.

    If you do need more storage space, this new G-Tech USB 3.0 drive is nice (and pretty cheap): http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-drive-slim.cfm

    (BTW USB 2.0 versions of this drive are still on sale in some places, so if you go for this drive, make sure its a USB 3.0 one!)
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    What and when I am facing if I dont upgrade?

    I got $200 Amazon GC and wont have to pay tax either - unfortunately Amazon doesnt have a 8gb version.
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    Honestly, I would just buy the non-upgraded at Amazon. But it depends on your financial situation. Money is a focus point for me, so a 200$ saving would be nice. If you do heavy tasking then you might have to plunge for a upgrade, but if you're normal user then don't
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    If there is a deal that can save you some money, go for it. I got mine on sale but I wasn't able to upgrade the RAM.
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    I think I might have to stick with 4gb since Amazon doesnt carry anything other than the base model.
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    Go for it, you won't regret your decision. I love my 2012 Air!

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