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MBP, a click in the trackpad does not act as left click? how?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by kwfl, Nov 6, 2007.

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    in my MBP, in mac, i can click on the trackpad and then it counts as left click, or primary button

    however in windows i cant use that and i tried to look for it from the mouse settings and could not find it

    anyone knows about it?
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    I think it is a driver issue...
    it simply isn't supported...I have the same issue and looked in the apple discussion forums and it seems to be a common issue.
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    i am still running with the drivers of boot camp 1.4
    maybe those of 2.0 are the same?

    thanks for your reply.
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    the 2.0 drivers seem to have brought no obvious new functions...
    hopefully there will be an update soon.
  5. jjo
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    On my MacBook in Boot Camp, to get a right-click in XP, I put two fingers on the trackpad and tap the button.

    Odd, since in OS X, tapping two fingers on the trackpad acts as the right-click.

    I wish it was the same in both.
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    I didn't know about that one...will have to try it out when I am in XP again.
    Thank you.

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