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Memory Scanning On Leopard Intel Macs

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ChrisMACosx, Mar 2, 2008.

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    on Tiger to scan/and edit memory (for programming and game cheating), I would just do sudo sysctl -w kern.tfp.policy=1 to disable the intel macs security feature that disables memory scanning/editing, But that no longer works in leopard, is there any way to enable memory editing/scanning in leopard for memory editors like "The Cheat" or DDD
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    Please can someone answer this

    Please, Please, Please will someone who knows the answer let us know. It's very frustrating to not be able to use some of my programs.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You mean like a windows game cheat hex editor with a nice GUI? No.

    You can still use DDD in Mac OS X, since OS X includes an X11 implementation. I'm not sure how useful gdb/DDD will be w/o the source. You can, for example, view in hex a number of words above the stack pointer, but grepping this memory for strings or viewing heap memory w/o knowing the starting address? I'm not so sure.

    A search for Linux memory editors turned up this page, last updated ~7 years ago:

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    I think you read my question wrong.. I know what programs to use, but Leopard and Intel macs Blocks the use of these programs!! There was a shell command used to enable it in tiger intel macs, but in leopard intel macs, this command no longer works.
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    I use DDD to view the memory contents of (my own) programs all the time on Leopard/Intel.
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    Hmm, okay.. Ill try DDD, could you provide me with a download link. All the download links I've found seem to be broken...
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    Your best bet is to compile it via fink (or fink commander) or macports since that'll pull in whatever dependencies DDD relies on.

    You can also download the source tarball here:


    But you may have to spend some time chasing down libraries (besides X11, it also requires Motif)

    When you run it, make sure you run it as root since even admin accounts may not be enabled for tracing.
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    I too would like to edit memory, simply for the benign pleasure of cheating on Flash games. I can certainly do that on my PC with Cheat Engine, but I don't have the savvy to do all that is described above to hack memory on a Mac.

    I do know Flash and ActionScript fairly well, so I'm wondering if a Flash Decompiler (a full version which would include the ActionScript) would work for tweaking Flash games?
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    Hello, I updated The Cheat to work with Leopard. It is available here;)

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    i am experiencing problem with iHaxGamez, sometimes it don't find anything :(
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    For a few games it seems impossible, but sometimes it's just a matter of repeating the search with the different Data Types. First try Integer (4 byte) then Integer (8 byte) then Float (4 byte) and Float (8 byte).

    For each one you need to "Search For" the initial value, then go to the game and spend some money, pause it, then search in the "Current Value" with the new gold / money / whatever value.
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    Aw, c'mon... lighten up. I know how to play just fine and I have no doubt in my ability to master any game. Playing with unlimited gold / mana in a Flash game (or any game) is just plain fun. Why do developers of games like Doom and Half Life build cheats right into their source code?

    Also, the act of hacking (my own RAM) is harmless fun too. I never post ill-achieved scores and I enjoy it, so with all due respect, I say bah humbug.:D
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    Cheat codes in games: so they can test the game.

    If you don't cheat on multi player then no biggie. =)
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    I seldom if ever play multiplayer games... I used to play Halo CTF online for a while, but I'm more a fan of the SP FPS & RTS... I just like to get into my own world and compete against the developers' AI. Just my preference.

    I use memory hacking apps only for Flash games. Mainly tower defense games, and usually after I've alread played, mastered and / or gotten bored with them. It's just fun to build a bunch of expensive towers, max them out let the creeps have it.

    After I solve an SP game like Doom 3 or Half Life 2, I'll usually come back to it a few months later and play it with cheats on, just for fun.

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