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    I will not pay Apple's prices for memory upgrades, so am considering Kingstom as the brand of memory to use to upgrade my iBook.

    I personally think kingston are very good (and I can get it at a reasonable price here in the UK) but does anyone else think another memory company is better?

    What about Crucial??

    Thanks :)
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    I've used both and have never had a problem with either. Go for whichever has the lower price.
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    I stick Kingston in all the machines I sell, all the machines in my office, and m y own equipment. I had one dodgy block about 6 months ago, and the guys sent me a replacement out by courier same day! BTW, I buy from SIMMS, who are based in Kingston South West London.

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    Mr. Anderson

    I've bought all my extra memory from McDonald and Assoc. Good prices and I've never had a problem with any of it.

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    if you are looking for a 256 mb thing of ram for the ibook/powerbook, i can sell mine. i've got PNY 256 mb sodimm ddr etc, that i haven't ever installed. i want basically to get a 512 mb to mine, and i got the memory earlier this week. (pm if interested). :)
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    Re: Memory!!!

    Hope that's not like those "ROLLEX" watches that they sell around here in NYC....:p
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    Testing RAM...

    Does anyone know of any sw to test the RAM on OS X ? I know that such sw exist for Windows and Linux. I just bought 512MB, and I want to make sure it's fine.

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    I just checked them out and their prices are about double what Crucial and OWC are asking for the same size memory. At least that was the case for the G4 Gigabit I'm looking to upgrade.

    Am I missing something? :confused:

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    Go with Crucial, they're prices are great, it's available to the UK, and the memroy seems to be good, nothing special, but good.
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    Yes you are. ;)

    A 512MB stick at (266MHz, 200 pin, DDR SO-DIMM) is $114 on the very main page of that link. Crucial's RAM is a bit more expensive, but only by around $10. Just go with Crucial. Its not that I'm a Crucial Rep or anything, but I think their RAM must be pretty good since so many people here echo the same sentiments.

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