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Meteorologist 1.2.2

Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by King Cobra, Jan 27, 2003.

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    Who cares!!!!!
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    me too. i love that program. who wouldn't be interested in having a realtime forecast? it's great. i wish i knew enough about foucalt's philosophy to make a witty connection between it and what that guy said. oh well.
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    Re: alternative

    the only problem: that costs money, and yet adds little to no more functionality whatsoever. i'm not about to pay 8.00$ for "a little more color" in my interface. of course, i use the graphite theme for my system, but we can overlook that for now. meteorologist is a good program for anyone that wants to get the temp and basic forecast immediately.
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    Save your money. Get Son of Weather Grok.

    It is free, and works through the dock. Just set it to run as a startup item that hides on launch and you'll have the weather you're looking for in the dock. Click on the icon to bring up forcasts, etc.

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