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microsoft based school. handouts for class are not converting properly to my macbook

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by yesdnyl, Nov 8, 2012.

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    The university i attend is microsoft based, and i have a macbook. when i try to save worksheets or handouts from class, most of the content is lost or not converting to mac... i'm still new with my macbook, so any suggestions, advice, or tips would be GREATLY apperciated! should i just download word to my mac??

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    I would imagine the school has a discount for microsoft word.. unfortunately the OSx word processors don;t always handle .doc files well.

    are you using Pages or what?
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    i'm not even sure what Pages that you are referring to is... i have tried a couple of different word processors, but the information still doesn't convert correctly. i will download word... thanks for the reply :) I would LOVE any other tips for a new mac user anyone might have:)
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    Which ones have you tried? What specific problems are you having?
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    I have tried Bean and Open office (open office had some error and would not run properly). When I print handouts for math, the equations do not print, and in word problems, the numbers are completely left out... I'm sure you can see why this is slightly frustrating :) Also, Images, charts, etc. are not printed properly on Lab guides.
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    Pages from the Mac App store will do a better job of importing your documents, but the bottom line is that if you want all the formatting to remain intact, then a copy of Office for Mac is the best bet.
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    Pages = the Apple iWork app Pages.

    Reading Microsoft word/excel on other platforms can be touchy. Sometimes it will work fine, other times it gets a mess.

    Some schools have a discount program whereby you can buy a copy of Word/Excel for a low student price.
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    thank you all for the info. I see there is a free download of word, any problems that you know of with that?

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